Grand HotelFlorence, Italy for a romantic wedding

Grand HotelFlorence, Italy for a romantic wedding

When it comes to romantic destinations around the world, many folks believe that Italy should be at the very top of the list. Whether it is the food, the historical feeling or the romantic ambience, love seems to be in the air in this lovely European country of approximately 60.5 million inhabitants. This seems to be the land of love and a beautiful place to get married.

Florence is located in the north central region of Italy known as Tuscany and is famous for its rich history and significance to the Middle Ages. The art capital of Italy, Florence is known as the home of notable figures from Dante to daVinci to Michelangelo. This makes the area rich with romance and ripe for a lovely wedding.

An excellent choice in this regard is the St.RegisHotel in this lovely city. This venue is located in central Florence and features 81 large guestrooms as well as 19 suites. These rooms tend to be very luxurious with a true refinement in the way in which they are stylishly decorated. Not only are the accommodations comfortable, relaxing and classic, but guests also have at their service the St. Regis butler service. This is sure to make any bride and groom feel spoiled and special on their wedding day.

The St. Regis offers a variety of venue options when it comes to the wedding itself. The ballrooms range in size from 171 square meters in the Petrarca room to 984 square meters in the Giardinod’Inverno room. The smallest of these rooms will comfortably accommodate 20 attendees while the largest will fit 220 individuals. These spaces allow areas for both dinner and dancing. There are actually four rooms for the couple to choose from within the hotel and each features its own very elegant style. The design elements vary from room to room, but include terracotta walls, glass chandeliers, wall arches and stucco work. Whatever specific room the couple chooses for their nuptials, the feel is sure to be nothing short of refined elegance.

The Event Planner at the St. Regis will do everything possible to ensure that all details of the wedding are attended to per the specific requirements of the bride and groom. Their staff is friendly, helpful and willing to offer a variety of options to each couple.

Prior to getting married in Florence the couple must first meet with the Town Clerk to get the proper paperwork in line for the wedding. Also, the two witnesses are asked to be at this meeting as well. If neither the bride nor the groom are legal Italy residents then they must provide to the Clerk their passport, certified birth certificate, divorce decree (if applicable), death certificate (if applicable) and annulment papers (if applicable).

Date posted: 24th September, 2014

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