Greece travel

Greece travel

Greece is often described as the birthplace of modern civilisation. What was modern then is now some wonderful historical relics and ruin s of once great buildings and there is no shortage of them anywhere in Greece. Greece can be separated in the mainland and the islands. Over 1400 islands in the Aegean and Ionion seas are part of the Greek empire. On the mainland Thessaloniki has recently become a must see stop for travellers particularly backpackers on the Souther Europe route. Next off a stop off in Athens is a must to be amazed by the Parthenon perched on Acropolis Hill.

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The sheer choice of islands is astounding. From world heritage islands Corfu and Rhodes covered by medieval towns to party islands Crete and Paros through to sedate Kefalonia and Amargos this stunning archipelago has something to please all standards. Each islands however small will be the birthing place of its own mythology related tales. Born from the ancients and passed through generations. The Greeks have not lost their ability to philosophise and many a topic can be discussed over a local aniseed ouzo in a homely Taverna.

Mealtimes in Greece can last for hours at a time. Customarily dinner starts late and can carry on as long as the early hours expect to be served up Horiatiki Greek salad, stuffed vine leaves, Moussaka, Souvalaki and lashing of locally produced Olive Oil. Certainly do not expect to leave the table until you need to be rolled away an you are merrily happy.

The perfect way to see Greece in all its full colour glory has to be island hopping. Take a month, buy a ticket approach a new island from the sea when you are ready to face a new experience, feel a new place and meet an ever friendly Greek community.

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It would be impossible in the space here to give even a general guide to all the islands, as each is unique, and every one worth visiting in its own way. History is everywhere, as are modern hotels, café’s, and bar’s, but the one thing you will always remember from a stay in Greece is the people. Many still wear the traditional embroidered costumes, smile at you with missing teeth as they sit mending fishing nets, or embroidering yet more clothes.

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At the merest sign of an excuse, they will be dancing, playing music, and hugging you. If you want to see more than one island there are numerous ferries, or if your budget is higher maybe consider one of the many sailing tours or cruises. On the mainland, Athens must be your main destination. Overlooked by the magnificent Parthenon, there has been a city here for over 7000 years, and much of the city still feels stuck in the past. Chickens still run in dusty yards next to modern banks. Locals will carry a pig to the market on a gleaming new bus. It’s a hot, bustling, chaotic place, and one that will be etched on your memory forever.

Date posted: 28th November, 2018

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