Hakuba, Japan

Hakuba, Japan

Not all non-skiing trips have to be laid back, however. For something a little more taxing, the ski resort of Hakuba near Nagano in Japan offers a superb range of watersports and adventure activities throughout the summer months. Hakuba rose to prominence in 1998 when, as part of the Nagano Winter Olympics, it hosted a variety of sporting events, including a dramatic and highly controversial downhill ski run. The event was postponed for five days due to temperatures reaching almost 20 degrees Celsius, while pre-race favourite Hermann Maier flew off the course in dramatic fashion shortly after setting off. Eventually, the little known Frenchman Jean-Luc Cretier won the race, a win that proved to be his sole career victory.

Skiing to Hakuba, Japan

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Besides ski-related activities, Hakuba also boasts plenty of summer-time pursuits, including downhill and trail mountain biking at the Evergreen Outdoor Centre, as well as paragliding over the surrounding landscapes with Paratopia, the area’s leading paragliding company. To truly get the adrenalin pumping, however, the best option is to indulge in a spot of white-water rafting with the Hakuba Adventure Club. Nights in Hakuba, meanwhile, prove to be much more relaxing. Visitors can dine at dozens of restaurants in the Happo Village area of the resort serving both authentic Japanese and worldwide cuisines.

Date posted: 7th September, 2017

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