Travel to Hamilton Island, Australia

Hamilton Island, Australia

The perfect place from which to explore the rest of the Whitsunday Isles and the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island is also a wonderful place to spend some time with a wealth of restaurants and fun things to do. There are glorious beaches, competition-standard golf courses and a variety of wildlife tours to take part in, all of which ensures your time here will be fun-filled, luxurious and hugely satisfying. Many people come to the island for the entertainment and with over a dozen restaurants and a few bars on this tiny island, you will find that there is plenty to keep you occupied.

Hamilton Island, Australia

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The island is perhaps most famous as being the base for the Best Job in the World advertising campaign in which one person was selected to be caretaker of the Whitsundays for a year. There is a famous annual yachting regatta, as well as year-round sailing and diving. The Australian Ballet occasionally even comes over to perform for a few days.

Tour to Hamilton Island

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Many people use the island as a base to explore the other Whitsunday Isles and the Great Barrier Reef and trips to both can be easily arranged in all of the resorts.

Date posted: 16th September, 2017

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