Heading to Cologne There's More Than One Dom To See

Heading to Cologne? There’s More Than One Dom To See

With sex work being tolerated in Germany, the country has become renowned for its smorgasbord of delights on offer. Places like Bonn offer private and secure facilities for sex workers to conduct business and such a liberal approach has led to a safer, sexier climate in most major German cities. Cologne itself boasts a drive-in brothel with washing facilities and small enclosures to park a car in, should you be picking up company as you drive around the city. Cologne is also home to Pascha, the largest brothel in Europe, with 120 sex workers doing business over 12 floors.

Heading to Cologne

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Whilst Cologne’s Cathedral may be the most famous Dom in the city, it is not necessarily the best. The city has a reputation for offering an experience of the disciplinary kind, with perhaps the strictest dominatrices in the country. One woman found herself sued by her client, an undertaker in his 50s, for being too physical with him so if you’re looking to be roughed up then there are plenty of reputable ladies to call upon.

There are a great deal of shops that cater towards the BDSM lifestyle, more so than you might expect and there are many hidden locations for you to try out your latest purchases. Many of Cologne’s play areas are located in private apartments, offering large open spaces and sophistication. A few notable highlights include Flair, a fetish play space which can accommodate up to 8 people. The space can be hired out but the company who owns it also run a selection of workshops and classes, some of which can be run in English. The Bizarre Longue has a much darker appeal, with bare brick walls, dripping candlesticks and some truly tantalising equipment, including medical style restraints. This is more of a sex dungeon and its reverberant chambers mean that every sound is greatly amplified, which really helps get the mood going.

Heading to Cologne? There's More Than One Dom To See

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If you’re looking to have a commemorative experience, then the FotostudioimFetischstyle apartment has everything you could possibly want for a raunchy photoshoot. The space can be hired for intimate experiences, as well as larger parties and the equipment is arranged to allow for camera equipment to be easily positioned to capture the best view of all the action. That said, most of the venues mentioned allow for photography, but it is best to check in advance as not all of them have the right set-up or equipment to allow this to happen.

Heading to Cologne? There's More Than One Dom To See

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Germany is the home to what is known as the FKK movement, which is roughly translated as Free Body Culture, or nudism. As such, there are many FKK clubs around Germany and Cologne has two particularly exciting ones called Samya and ParksaunaResidenz. They have a distinctly German feel to them, so if you do not speak the language, you may find it hard to gain entry. Once inside, you will be pleased to know that whereas many cities offer sexy saunas, FKK clubs are unique in that people who go are ardent nudists, so everyone will be naked. It makes for a markedly different atmosphere, so go with the mind-set that nudity does not equate to an open invitation and you should have a wonderful time.

Heading to Cologne? There's More Than One Dom To See

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Date posted: 21st February, 2015

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