Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport

Helsinki is one of the fastest and most efficient airports to pass through in terms of security checkpoints (with some checkpoints taking as little as four minutes), baggage handling, and check-in (also taking as little as four minutes in some instances), and is renown internationally for its extremely capable, skilled, and friendly staff and customer service.

The architecture of this airport is also a marvel itself, with a clean, modern Finnish design that includes a lot of open space, terminals arranged in and extremely organized layout, bright terminals, and wood block hardwood floors throughout the entire airport; this design contributes to Helsinki Airports’ distinction as being the quietest airport in the world, which it has earned not for its lack of crowds but rather for its unique architectural design (including the wooden floors rather than tile) which greatly reduce noise even when filled. This airport also offers one of the best accessibilities to and from a major city from any airport in the world, being located twelve miles from the capital city of Helsinki , and offering fast, cheap bus service to this city. This airport is said to be one of the most reflective of the spirit of its people in many aspects, from its extreme efficiency, its cleanliness, its spare, modern design (wood block hardwood floors throughout the entire terminal, bright, a lot of space, terminals arranged in an extremely organized layout, and one of the quietest airports in the world), and its practically serene atmosphere (enhanced by the views of forests and greenery directly outside of the airport).

Other notable distinctions of this airport include no customs at all at this airport, leather benches without armrests which are comfortable for resting or napping on the second floor, extremely clean bathroom facilities, two 24 hour cafeterias, and a staff so efficient that they get around within the airport on small scooters. It is also one of the best airports in Scandinavia for good connections to Far East destinations. Although there are a number of retail stores and duty free shops, they are also more expensive than most; the restaurants also offer both Finnish as well as international cuisine, and there are a number of hair salons located throughout the airport as well. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly airports worldwide, with aircraft noise control, water and groundwater protection, and waste disposal methods implemented as well. In conclusion, traveling through Helsinki International Airport will provide the traveler one of the most efficient, hassle-free, least harried, and fastest airport experiences offered anywhere in the world today.

Date posted: 23rd November, 2016

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