Also called the Sun City, Hermosillo is a modern Mexican city located in the state of Sonora with all the conveniences and amenities of urbanized areas. In the pre-Hispanic era, Hermosillo first was established by the Seri over 2500 years ago whom still have descents living in Hermosillo. Known as the “revolutionary capital of the country,” the Seri fought against all occupation of the Hermosillo area by the Spanish conquistadors as well as modern-day businessmen. La Pintada is an archeological site displaying cave paintings from the Seri and other indigenous people, which were the homes, burial sites and religious locations of these groups that can be visited by tourists.

Catedral de Hermosillo

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The Yaqui indigenous people are known in the area for their superstitious rites and rituals. These people often call upon medicine men to treat illnesses that are seen as part of an evil act. Tourists can visit Hermosillo in hopes of encountering local residents and learning more about these ancient practices that have been passed down for centuries. What an exciting adventure to meet people who are so completely different from ourselves.

Hermosillo also claims home to many outdoors adventure areas such as Kino Bay. The Kino Bay area is a tourist area for fishing, camping, mountain biking and hiking. The town center, Plaza Zaragoza has blooming gardens and statues built in the Moorish style, and should be visited by all tourists. One of the most important events in northwestern Mexico is the Dr. Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival held annually in Hermosillo. It is a global event featuring artists and works from all around the world. Two other major festivals here include the Grape Harvest Festival and the Livestock and Industry Exposition and Fair both held during the summer months, symbolizing the types of industry of the Hermosillo area.

Date posted: 23rd June, 2018

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