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Horse Riding Holidays for All

Whether it’s your dream to ride the range as a cowboy, gallop along a windswept beach or gain access to remote areas of the world that other forms of transport can’t reach, there’s a riding holiday that’s right for you. Even if you’re a complete beginner, there are opportunities to learn to ride the world over, and horse riding is a hobby or sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. The more experienced you become as a rider, the more you can get off the beaten track and experience the adventure, exhilaration and freedom of spending time in the saddle.


Wilderness Trail

If you’re looking for a true wilderness experience, how about a ride across the Andes from Chile to Argentina; passing through areas so remote that the only inhabitants are Andean condors and guanacos? Camping in the wild is all part of the adventure and everything you need is taken with you in saddlebags and on packhorses. For experienced riders, this is a trip that’s hard to beat. But, even if you’re a beginner with an adventurous spirit, there are lots of opportunities to get off the beaten track at a leisurely pace and get a unique view of the world from the saddle.


Horseback Safari


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A horseback safari in Africa offers the opportunity to gallop across wide-open plains, canter alongside giraffe or get up close and personal with big game. All abilities of rider are catered for and you can choose to stay in luxurious lodges or travel a little further afield and sleep under the stars on an equally luxurious camping trip, where the tents even have en-suite toilets!


Dude Ranching

If it’s your dream to be a cowboy or cowgirl, a stay on a working ranch in the USA can make that dream come true. Also known as dude ranches, guests can join in with real life ‘on the range’ activities and take part in everything from rounding up cattle to roping and branding. It’s a taste of the ‘wild west’ and you can even experience a feast of beans around the campfire in true ‘City Slickers’ style!


Food, Wine and Culture

There are a great many riding holidays that provide the opportunity to combine a love of horses with a passion for good food and wine. Cultural tours provide the perfect way to see the sights from the saddle, absorb the local environment and enjoy the very best of everything the area has to offer. How about a trip through the Spanish wine regions of Castilla and Leon, for example? Only you can decide how much wine sampling to enjoy before you’re no longer secure in the saddle!

One of the great things about a horse riding holiday is that, wherever you go in the world, even if travelling alone, you will meet up with like-minded individuals who all share a common bond—a love of the horse.

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Date posted: 7th June, 2012

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