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Hostels or Caravan Parks? What’s the Best Choice for the Budget Minded Tourist

Accommodation accounts for a large portion of any travelers daily expenses. Saving on accommodation may allow tourists the luxury of another meal out, an extra activity or even extending their holiday. Hostels and Caravan Parks are popular choices for the budget minded and this article will discuss some important points of consideration.


Hostels Australia

Hostels are a popular choice amongst backpackers in Australia and generally, most are very nice. With choices of dorm or private rooms, kitchen facilities, lounge rooms, pre-arranged activities, and some with pools and air conditioning, hostels can be a great choice for any tourist. An important point to consider when planning ahead is who will you be traveling with? Are you alone, in a couple or with a group? This simple question can determine what type of accommodation will suite your wants, needs and budget.

If you are traveling alone and hoping to make friends along the way; hostels are probably the best choice for you. It’s hard to beat the price of a single bed in a dorm. The facilities offered by hostels make travel for the single person easy and affordable. The activities that hostels often offer bring great opportunities to meet like minded travelers. Who knows, as a single traveler booking into a hostel, you may soon find yourself in the couple or group category in no time.

If you are a couple, a hostel is not a place to have a romantic get-away. If you are backpacking, wanting to meet other travelers and looking to save some money then hostels are worth looking into. For a couple dorm beds are still the cheapest option, even for two people. If you are looking for more privacy the private rooms are a more expensive option, although still cheaper then a hotel. Couples will often book into dorm rooms the majority of the time and then save up for a private room every once in awhile to help their money take them further.

When traveling in a larger group you may be able to book several dorm beds in one room and depending on the amount of people vs. the amount of beds available the group may have the opportunity to end up with an unofficial private dorm room. Of course this won’t always be the case and a large group booking into a dorm room should also be ready to meet new roommates. A group also has the option of pooling resources and booking multiple rooms during their travels.

Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks Australia

Often situated in beautiful, natural locations with tenting options, caravan parks should be a serious consideration for the budget minded traveler. Caravan parks are equipped with kitchen facilities often comparable to those available at hostels with the added bonus of outdoor BBQ’s for your culinary needs. Caravan Parks often have beautiful pool facilities which provide much needed relief from the heat when camping. While hostels are a great place to meet tourists, Caravan Parks are a great place to meet Australians touring their own country. Staying at a Caravan Park requires an initial investment of purchasing a tent and other camping equipment but there will be cost savings over the long term and Caravan Parks are also great places to start looking when looking into invest in camping equipment or campervan rentals, as many have bulletin boards with ads posted with tourists who have finished their travels and are looking to get rid of tents, cookware and anything else you can imagine camping related at a bargain price. There is also the option of renting a campervan and stay in the caravan parks which would cover both transportation and accommodation needs. However, not that paying for both the campervan and the camping fee can significantly add to your overall budget.

Caravan Parks would be a challenge but not unattainable for the single traveler. It would be difficult to carry all the camping equipment needed for one person and the price for a tenting site is usually slightly more expensive then a dorm bed in a hostel. It may be more challenging to meet people then it would be at a hostel but if you prefer to be alone and are up for a bit of an adventure, it could work.

Tenting at a Caravan Park is a great option for couples. One tenting site for two people is often cheaper then two single dorm beds in a hostel. There is also the added bonus of having your own site and although bathrooms would still be shared the overall experience is more private then one at a hostel.

Large groups also have the potential to save money and have a great time at a Caravan Park. Pooling resources to invest in camping equipment, sites and food would be a great way to save money. Plus the added bonus of camping with a large group of friends is always sure to be a great time.

There are bonuses to staying in hostels and caravan parks. All facilities are slightly different offering different amenities from one place to the next, some better than others. Talking to other travelers as you continue on your adventure is a great way to find out about deals, and the best places to stay. Luckily, Australia has so much to offer it’s tourists that you are sure to find what best suits your needs.

Date posted: 16th December, 2014

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