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How to get cheap holidays in Thailand

Going on holiday to an exotic and warm country is such a pleasure! Packing your things, getting to the airport, waiting in front of the gate to board, and finally seated watching the landscape moving below the plane under a perfect blue sky 10,000 feet above the ground – this whole build-up to your holiday is just so exciting! But going on holiday for a bargain is even more jubilatory! And finding a great flight deal is now quite easy if you know how to use a few tricks that really help…

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To fly to Thailand precisely, here is a good way to save yourself a few dollars which might come in very handy to spend on some souvenirs to bring back or on a couple of cocktails on the beach to treat yourself – better than spent on your plane fare!

Amongst the good strategies to fly cheap to Bangkok, Thailand, is to not book a direct flight. Most of the time direct flights are quicker, but they are always more expensive! Moreover, stopping in a city and waiting for the next plane for a couple of hours is quite a nice way to relax and take a break in the middle of a long flight time.

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Another option is to go for a cheaper airline. So, depending on your city of departure, just be flexible on the company and aim for the cheapest one.  While you chose the company you will fly with, bear in mind that moving your departure or return dates from one day to another can drastically reduce the cost of the ticket. So just simulate shifting a few days on the air company’s website, and compare the results you get. Sometimes, in a three day interval, you can save up to $100! The real way the companies calculate their prices is quite obscure, but you just need to cope with it and try to change the dates a few times.

If you don’t have a fixed date in the year you need to fly to Bangkok, try to opt for the low season. In Thailand, the so-called low season runs roughly from June to October, and offers by far the best bargains for flights. Moreover, to attract tourists, some hotels and restaurants slash their prices by as much as half! Even if it’s in the low season (AKA rainy season) that the weather is slightly less clement in the North and the center of Thailand (heavy rains during the evening mainly though), the South and the islands enjoy sunny skies and perfect temperatures almost all along the year…

So to summarize, you should not buy the first plane ticket appearing on your computer screen when you search for “flights to Bangkok”, and you should be confident that even the low season in Thailand can be perfectly good to have nice and cheap holidays!

Date posted: 25th May, 2011

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