How to Save Money While Traveling by Living like a Local

How to Save Money While Traveling by Living like a Local

For budget travelers, it can be hard to manage expenses while also trying to have a good time in an exotic location. There is however one fail proof method to implement to ensure your journey is not only fun and memorable, but also affordable. The method I am referring to is the act of living like a local and it is surely easier said than done. After all you are not a local, but rather a foreigner in these locations, so there is a learning curve in achieving this status.

One of the best ways I have found to live like a local is to preface my journey with an abundance of research. While many travel guides may be out of date or more tourists oriented, you can instead read expat blogs of people currently living in the destinations in which you are going to. Many times these individuals will even be willing to meet up and show you around town, if you as nicely. The tips offered in many of these informative blogs and websites can save you in everything from finding an apartment to picking the best cheap bars to frequent. Fresh advice from the informed travelers familiar with the challenges you are about to face can be very helpful in the preparations for your voyage.

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If you are studying in the location that you are traveling to then it should be easy to find fellow students willing to help you find ways to live cheaply. From cheap apartments to the best places to go to have an authentic experience, those who are already living in this location will be able to advise you much better than any guidebook. Spend some time getting to know these individuals and they will surely open up to you as well offering valuable advice.

Shopping in local super markets and cooking at home is essential. It is easy to get into the habit of eating out when traveling as it can be difficult to prepare meals with limited amenities when you are staying. Finding accommodation offering a full kitchen and cooking at home will save you plenty of cash and prevent you from breaking the bank on eating out.

Sure it can be hard to fit in when in a new place and live as the locals do, but this is all the fun in the challenge that is traveling. Approaching this act with an open mind and being willing to engage those around you will surely be helpful in gaining your local status quickly.

Date posted: 22nd June, 2015

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