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Ice Hotel Quebec a cold wedding

For a truly white wedding there is no way to beat the majestic beauty of the Hotel De Glace, or The Ice Hotel, of Quebec. The opulence and natural sparkle of the hand carved walls, with the added brilliance of the softly muted pastel lights are awe inspiring. Everything works so well together you would think it sprang from the ground naturally formed and ready to accept guests.

The walls of the themed rooms are well thought out murals dedicated to the ideas of love and romance. With everything from exotic scenes, roses and hearts and even fairy tale figures, all carved into the icy walls of the rooms. There is something to spark the imagination for every guest that comes to the Hotel De Glace to take their vows.


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With multiple wedding packages to choose from, offering differing services at varying prices, you will find exactly what you are looking for in your nuptials, at a price to fit your budget. With special add-ons such as a horse drawn carriage, red carpet at the entrance and fireworks show in your honor, how could you not feel like a star in a fairy tale movie?

All of the packages include the necessities, such as use of the extravagant ice chapel for the; bride, groom and guests, a civil celebrant who will perform your wedding ceremony and handle all of the legal documents, exclusive use of the planner to assist you in making all of your wedding dreams come true, and two handmade ice flute for the toast, to be sure that your wedding is a magical moment in time that will never be forgotten by all that attend.

The Hotel De Glace also has a cocktail lounge, cafe and spa that can be used separately or as part of the wedding nuptials and reception that follows. The Ice Hotel is a full service wedding venue that offers all of the amenities and services that you need to have your wedding in a sparkling piece of natural man made beauty.

If you would like to come back and renew your vows or spend an anniversary at the Hotel De Glace, don’t expect to see the same sights each time. Every season the Hotel is built from fresh ice and redesigned with all new brilliance and splendor. So every time at the Ice Hotel is like the first time. With different rooms themes and a whole new chapel to rediscover your love in.

Date posted: 12th September, 2014

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