Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

Built on the site of Edo Castle , the current Imperial Palace sits in the centre of Tokyo , within beautifully landscape gardens. A large plaza named Kokyo Gaien can be found at the front of the Imperial Palace, and from this plaza visitors have a great view across the grounds and of the Nijubashi bridge and the Meganebashi bridge, this a pair of bridges that have been constructed to allow access to the inner grounds.

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The former of these two bridges was originally constructed of wood and was built with two levels; the later bridge was constructed from stone. The inner buildings of the palace are closed to the public; all other parts of the palace grounds can either be explored at will, or toured with the aid of a guide.

Imperial Palace Tokyo

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The palace has played an important part in Japanese culture for decades and is generally believed to be a good example of traditional Japanese architecture. Kokyo Gaien Chiyoda Japan,Telephone: 81 33213 1111

Date posted: 8th November, 2018

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