Islands of the World

Fancy something a little different for you next vacation, how about visiting an island. We have compiled a list of 200 islands from around the World, some tropical, some freezing, some touristy and easy to reach and others very remote, undeveloped and quite a trek to reach but well worth the effort. This list of World islands includes a huge range of different islands to visit, there are a few countries in the mix and a few that you could easily stroll around the entire island in a matter of minutes.

Caribbean Islands

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If you want to escape from the World and relax on a beach somewhere have a browse through the islands in the Caribbean. If you want something a little adventurous check out the islands in the middle of the Atlantic or around Antarctica. For those interested in island hopping, hire a yacht and head to the many islands in Greece. Interested in partying the night away, check out the islands around Thailand. What tropical island experience would be complete without some diving and snorkeling, for some of the best dive sites in the World browse islands around Indonesia, Philippines and the Maldives.

To make this large lists of islands easier to deal with we have grouped them by continents, jump to Africa | Asia | Atlantic | Caribbean | Europe | Mediterranean | North America | Oceania | Pacific | South and Central America

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands

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  • Anguilla

    If you're looking to escape to an island hideaway, Anguilla may be just the place. This small Caribbean island has all the same stunning blue seas and blinding white beaches as the other popular islands in the region but the vibe is decidedly more relaxed and low key. On Anguilla you can still sampl… read more

  • Barbuda

    One of the most stunningly beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Barbuda has a remarkably unaffected atmosphere, unlike its sister island Antigua. Although home to a number of expensive resorts the island still retains a lot of character feeling at times as though it is a deserted island paradise. The… read more

  • Bequia

    Although the largest of the Grenadine islands, Bequia is still tiny and is easily to walk in a few hours where you can explore the lush vegetation and the undisturbed beaches to your hearts content. The island is famous for its remarkable friendliness and peaceful atmosphere, there is little to do h… read more

  • Bimini Islands

    Home to many myths and legends, achingly beautiful and only 50 miles from Miami, Bimini is one place that you will never forget. Although technically split into two islands, Bimini is classified as one region with North Bimini being the home of the majority of the population and South Bimini being c… read more

  • Blue Lagoon Island

    This tiny island is home to one of the best beaches in the region and is hugely famous for the family of dolphins that live in the surrounding waters, making it easy, and popular, to swim with them. Although only available to visit on a day trip this is one of the most ‘Caribbean’ things that yo… read more

  • Bonaire

    One of the most strikingly beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea with turquoise waters, stunning beaches and an otherworldly landscape, Bonaire is one adventure you will never forget. Whether you prefer diving, trekking or just relaxing on a beach Bonaire is perfectly suited to your needs. One of t… read more

  • Grand Cayman

    Although there are many reasons why people come to beautiful Grand Cayman, the vast majority come for the world famous Seven-Mile Beach which is reputed as being one of the best in the world. The hospitality on the island is legendary and unfortunately so is the cost but if you are on a budget do no… read more

  • Great Exuma Island

    Regarded by those that have visited as one of the most beautiful places on the planet, Great Exuma Island is the perfect Caribbean island and it is highly affordable as well. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful waters imaginable, Great Exuma is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in… read more

  • Harbour Island

    Harbour Island is one of those ‘dream’ Bahamian islands where everything is as perfect as it could be, stunning beaches and lazy days combine to create a holiday that you will not forget. Pink Sand beach is probably the most famous of all the beaches in the Bahamas and is a sight not to be misse… read more

  • Jamaica

    Jamaica is a Caribbean country south of Cuba, and famous for hot weather and wonderful holidays. One of the sites that is popular with visitors is Nine Mile, where legendary reggae artist Bob Marley was born and was buried after his death. Activities that are ideal in this wonderful country are hiki… read more

  • Necker Island

    Owned by the billionaire businessman Richard Branson and purchased when he was only 28, Necker Island is a luxury retreat that has housed many a celebrity and which you can visit, if you can afford it. Whether you choose to stay in the Great House or the Bali villas, you will be living in complete l… read more

  • Negril

    A popular alternative to Montego Bay for its significantly more relaxed atmosphere and peaceful beauty, Negril is a striking and uniquely Jamaican island where drinking rum punch and Red Stripe are the order of the day. The island bills itself as family oriented but it is still possible, and activel… read more

  • Nevis

    It may take a while, and numerous flights, to get here but once you debark from the plane and see the natural beauty of Nevis you will realise that it was all worth it. With a striking central peak and sumptuous beaches, this is the perfect Caribbean island. Charlestown is the gorgeous, romantic cap… read more

  • Nygard Cay

    Imagine having your own private island in the Bahamas. Sounds good? Then imagine having your own private island with your friends and a fully prepared entertainment complex including cinema, nightclub and 78” yacht to use. This is Nygard Cay, a resort for the rich and famous owned by Canadian mill… read more

  • Petit St. Vincent

    Part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the smallest of the archipelago, Petit St. Vincent is a wondrous private island that lies in the one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the entire Caribbean Sea. The island also operates a fascinating room service policy; upon arrival you will not … read more

  • Saint John

    The smallest of the US Virgin Islands and reputedly one of the most beautiful, St. John is a haven for travellers the world over with remarkable beaches, famous hospitality and wonderful culture. One of the best things about St. John is the fact that there is so much on offer regardless of your budg… read more

  • Saint Lucia

    From black sand beaches to plush rainforests, sailing on crystal waters to driving through a volcano…. St. Lucia has it all! This enticing island getaway offers top-notch accommodation from quaint boutiques to extravagant resorts. An array of activities awaits you in paradise. Visitors can hike to… read more

  • Saint Martin

    Perhaps the most famous island in the region and certainly one of the most popular, Saint Martin or St Maarten as it is often called, is a remarkable place to spend your holiday. Long home to wealthy celebrities and businesspeople alike, the island has unbelievable facilities tied to one of the most… read more

  • Sampson Cay

    A private island in the Bahamas with an exclusive resort where people really come to get away from it all, with only two phones on the island and limited internet it is easy to adjust to ‘Bahamas Time’. The facilities on the island are of a very high standard so you will not be lacking in anythi… read more

  • Virgin Gorda

    One of the most pleasant islands in the British Virgin Island chain due to its untouched feel and relative lack of tourism, Gorda is a tiny gem where you can take life at your own pace. The population is centred on Spanish Town and this also where most of the fun takes place with easy access to beac… read more

Islands in Asia


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  • Bandos

    Relatively unknown and stunningly beautiful are words you rarely hear in a sentence together but Bandos Island in the Maldives is exactly that. Home to a single resort where everything has been catered for you, you will wish that your holiday was permanently one day longer. There are numerous villas… read more

  • Batanes

    As the northernmost and remotest region of the Philippines, Batanes may not be first place on everyone’s list of places to go but those who make it here will enjoy an adventure unlike any other. The only airport serving the region is in the provincial capital of Basco, which is actually closer to … read more

  • Bigeumdo

    Part of the Dadohae Marine National Park, Bigeumdo is a popular holiday spot for Korean travellers and families as it is relatively unspoiled and gives a chance to explore Korea minus the swathes of neon. One of the most popular ways to stay on the island is in one of the numerous wooden shacks whic… read more

  • Boracay

    With what are often regarded as the best beaches in the Philippines, Boracay is a wonderful place to spend a few days and after only a short flight from Manila, you’ll feel like you have arrived in paradise. Although well-known to tourists, Boracay still retains an air of the rustic in parts so if… read more

  • Bunaken

    This tiny resort island in the Sulawesi area of Indonesia is world-renowned for its diving and snorkelling but if you are not so inclined towards water then don’t worry, it’s also a gorgeous place to lie on a beach to your heart’s content. Although considered expensive by Indonesian standards,… read more

  • Camiguin Island

    Home to seven volcanoes, one of which is still highly active, a holiday in Camiguin is guaranteed to be dramatic and one to remember. Although fairly populated, the island still feels remarkably close to nature with an incredible selection of waterfalls and tropical rainforest. The natural springs a… read more

  • Cocoa Island

    Imagine a fantasy life where you live on a beautiful boat in the middle of a calm, crystal-clear sea and when you look through your window there is nothing in sight except for a stunning seascape and bright blue skies. Your dreams can become reality in Cocoa Island. With 33 individual house-boats… read more

  • Con Dao Island

    The Con Dao islands have a remarkable history due to their part in what the Vietnamese call ‘The American War’. Con Dao was home to a prison made by the French during the Indochinese War and the Americans quickly took hold of the complex and turned it into an internment camp for captured prisone… read more

  • Don Khon

    Located in the “Four Thousand Islands”, Don Khon is the civilized sister island to popular Don Det. Incredibly laid back but with remarkable sights that are easy travelled to, the island boasts South-East Asia’s largest waterfall and a family of the very rare Irrawaddy dolphin on the border wi… read more

  • Don Khong

    The largest and most untouched of the inland islands of Si Phan Don (the Four Thousand Islands) in Laos, Don Khong is civilised, serene and a sight to behold. Near the border with Cambodia, this lovely island caters for the traveller who is in need of a rest and where… read more

  • Gili Trawangan

    Known as the “Ibiza of the East”, Gili Trawangan is becoming a haven for party-lovers everywhere. Small, rustic, fairly remote and with no police force, this is the island paradise where anything goes. A surprising variety of choices await the adventurous tourist who makes it here, from internat… read more

  • Havelock Island

    Part of Ritchie’s Archipelago in the Andaman Islands, Havelock Island is named after the famous British General Henry Havelock, who was in charge of forces in the mutiny of 1857 and it is a wonderful place to kick back, grab a book and chill out for a few days. The accommodation is relatively … read more

  • Iriomote

    As one of the few remaining areas of Japan where the wilderness truly overtakes the civilisation, Iriomote is a haven for those seeking to get away from it all for a while. Arrival is only possible by boat which lends a romantic air to the island, when you see the rugged peaks and dense jungle appro… read more

  • Ishigaki Island

    The largest and most populous of the Yaeyama Islands, Ishigaki is famed for its wonderful beaches and beautiful waters. This is one of the most popular areas in Japan for scuba diving due to the remarkable visibility in the surrounding seas where it is possible to swim with numerous varieties of loc… read more

  • Jeju-Do

    One of the most romantic islands in the world and a top honeymoon spot, Jeju-Do may not have the perfect waters and white sand of other islands but it has beauty in abundance. Life naturally centres on Jeju City, which has a number of sights and places to explore. Predominantly used as a base by tou… read more

  • Kish Island

    Although it may involve a lot of bureaucracy and persuasion to organise, this is a once in a lifetime holiday that you will never forget. Kish Island is located in the Persian Gulf and was included in the New York Times’ Most Beautiful Islands list in 2010 for reasons that will become immediately … read more

  • Ko Chang

    The second largest island in Thailand but still under-populated given its size, Ko Chang is wonderfully preserved and still a little wild. With over 70% of the island’s surface being lush rainforest, there is no shortage of wildlife and despite the obvious tourism it is possible to feel as though … read more

  • Koh Lanta

    Although not so much of a secret anymore, Koh Lanta is still a wonderful and less busy alternative to nearby Koh Phi Phi which has been transformed from an idyll into a tourism hub. Koh Lanta has everything that you would expect of a Thai island with striking white beaches, clear waters and a relaxe… read more

  • Koh Lipe

    One of the last great wildernesses of the south Thai coast, Koh Lipe has been preserved due to much work from the local government and is exactly what you would hope for from a South-East Asian paradise. Just don’t tell everyone. Without the tourism of Koh Samui but with the beautiful beaches, … read more

  • Koh Ngai

    This tiny pearl of an island is becoming more and more popular with divers and beach lovers alike, as the relatively untouched nature and simple lifestyle seem to suit everyone that comes here. There are a number of resorts on Koh Ngai, which is just as well given the lack of roads or facilities oth… read more

  • Koh Russei

    Found not far from the popular party city of Sihanoukville in Cambodia, Koh Russei is a tiny, untouched island that has long been popular with backpackers for its rustic vibe. Also know as Bamboo Island, this lush idyll is the perfect place to rest up from the mania but not far away on the mainland,… read more

  • Koh Samui

    One of the most famous islands in Asia, Koh Samui is home to a hugely active tourist scene and really has something for everyone. The island is awash with beaches, each offering a different level of tourism and quietude but if you are interested in some serious partying then you should head to Chawe… read more

  • Koh Yao Noi Island

    Meaning “long, little island” in Thai, Koh Yao Noi is one of the few true remaining relatively undisturbed islands on the Thai coast. Development is beginning but it is taking its time, leaving this island paradise a haven of eco-tourism. The sister island to Koh Yao Yai and a little smaller, Ya… read more

  • Komodo Island

    Eponymously named due it being the primary location of the largest lizard species in the world, Komodo Island is a remarkable place to view this huge predator in a semi-natural environment. The inhabitants of the island are the descendants of convicts that were placed here from the Indonesian mainla… read more

  • Lakshadweep

    Meaning a ‘hundred thousand islands’, Lakshadweep is a stunning atoll located in the Arabian Sea. A haven for divers and people who enjoy remote island life, these beautiful islands are a glorious secret. You can only arrive here by plane or by commercial boat from Kochi on the mainland and it i… read more

  • Lombok

    One of the most glorious islands in Indonesia, Lombok is the lesser-known alternative to nearby Bali. Home to many magnificent beaches and jaw-dropping scenery, including a remarkable active volcano, get here before it becomes even more popular. As a haven to a great number of surf-travellers, the i… read more

  • Mabul

    Are you looking for a tiny palm-lined island with no roads and therefore no traffic of any kind, with many beaches and some of the best muck-diving in the world? Mabul is the answer. Live the simple life and spend your days snorkelling or diving in the local waters where sea life is in remarkable ab… read more

  • Menjangan Island

    Part of the West Bali National Park, Menjangan Island is a remarkably well kept secret. Tiny and home to 16 Buddhist monks and a handful of deer, there really is nowhere to stay on this tropical gem. But making a day trip here is essential if you are in the region; reputed as the best beach in the B… read more

  • Miyajima

    Miyajima is an island that you perhaps won’t have heard of but you will definitely have seen in photographs. Located close to Hiroshima, it is the ‘postcard’ image of Japan with shrines balanced delicately over water, pagodas in misty gardens and gorgeous lakes surrounded by emerald trees. The… read more

  • Neil Island

    A small and charming island in the Andaman archipelago, Neil is a striking place to stay where life is simple and all that you have to do is focus on yourself and relax for a while. This is where those that find Havelock Island not secluded enough come to, with only a handful of resorts and bungalow… read more

  • Palawan

    Regarded as the last great wilderness of the Philippines, Palawan is also one of its most glorious islands. If your idea of a dream island is white sand, stunning coves with limestone karst overhangs and looking-glass-clear-water then Palawan is everything and more. There are numerous cities where y… read more

  • Pamalican Island

    This private island situated south of the capital city of Manila in the Cuyon islands is exactly what you would hope it to be. Imagine crystal clear, turquoise waters and perfect white sand beaches untouched by rampant tourism with few other visitors in sight. This luxury does however come at a high… read more

  • Panglao

    Located in the beautiful Bohol Province in the centre of the Philippine archipelago, Panglao is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area and with very good reason. The beaches are pristine with beautiful azure water and soft white sand and the diving is deservedly world famous. As th… read more

  • Penghu Island

    A beautiful and traditional island located in the Penghu archipelago, the main island of Penghu is home to some beautiful beaches and temples. The majority of the ancient temples (including the oldest, Tihanou Temple which is over 375 years old) are located in the city of Makung. As most of the acco… read more

  • Perhentian Kecil Island

    One of the most popular backpacker islands in the region, Kecil “Small” Perhentian is a beautiful and rustic island paradise loved by many travellers to the region for its cheap and simple living. Located close to Thailand but part of Malaysia, the island is a favourite place for tourists to cro… read more

  • Pulau Langkawi

    A dreamlike archipelago of 99 pristine islands, Langkawi is a wondrous place to visit, not only for the ease with which you can visit the other islands but also for the beauty of Pulau Langkawi, the largest and main island in the chain. Known as the ‘Jewel of Kedah’ state, Langkawi is also impor… read more

  • Pulau Tiga

    Pulau Tiga is famous for being home to the T.V. Series ‘Survivor’ and it was on this beautiful ‘deserted’ island that the contestants were left to fend for themselves. The reality, however, is a little different. The island is home to a resort and a wildlife park which provides a great op… read more

  • Rabbit Island

    Rustic, petite and for those seeking a real off-the-beaten-track island experience. Rabbit Island, located a few miles by boat from Kep in Cambodia, is a wonderful place to lie on a beach, eat incredibly fresh seafood and drink a cheap beer. Accommodation is of the beach hut variety so those seeking… read more

  • Raja Ampat

    The Raja Ampat islands are famed for their remarkable diving and untouched beauty. Many people opt to stay on a live-aboard boat due to the ease that comes with living on the boat and then being able to travel further distances in the morning to the dive sites. They are generally a cheaper way to ex… read more

  • Rangali Island

    A private resort of the highest quality, Rangali is one of the most stunning island resorts in the Maldives, if not the world. Classing itself as a ‘perfect vision of paradise’, the resort owners may not be overstating their case after winning the 2005 ‘Best Hotel in the World’ award from Br… read more

  • Rutland Island

    read more

  • Sapi Island

    Beautiful Sapi Island, a perfect jewel in the South China Sea, is a little known secret located not far from Malaysian Borneo. Located just a short boat ride away from Kota Kinabalu, Sapi the island is a white sand haven with crystal clear waters and some wonderful snorkelling and scuba diving possi… read more

  • Sipadan Island

    Remarkable for its incredible 600m ‘drop-off’, which is one of the most acclaimed in the world, this island is a veritable paradise for divers. Many islands claim to be a ‘tropical paradise’ but Sipadan actually is. Regularly considered to be one of the top five dive locations in the world b… read more

  • Surin Islands

    The Surin Islands truly are the forgotten Thai islands. Only available to visitors between November and May due to dangerous seas, they are everything that you would hope for from a rustic island gem. The only island that has any accommodation is Koh Surin Nua which is a great starting point for a t… read more

  • Tioman Island

    Famous as the actual location of the dream island in the film “South Pacific”, Tioman Island is also home to a remarkable rainforest and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world whilst still being relatively ignored on the tourist trail. Those that do come here will find a jaw-dropping is… read more

  • Ulleungdo

    A source of immense national pride for Koreans, Ulleungdo is viewed as being the ultimate Korean vacation island due to its famous seafood (predominantly squid and cuttlefish) and the remarkable scenery. The waters can be remarkably clear and the rugged outcrops and hills make for wonderful hiking a… read more

  • Vaadhoo

    Vaadhoo Island Resort is a tiny island paradise in the heart of the Maldives and although not as popular as some in the region, it typifies everything that makes the Maldives great. Remarkable diving, beautiful above-water bungalows and fine sand beaches combine to provide you with one of the most s… read more

  • Veligandu Island

    Like much of the Maldives, Veligandu Island is stunningly beautiful and also veering on the expensive side but when you arrive, the sheer beauty of the island will make your jaw drop. The islet is home to the Veligandu Island Resort where the accommodation comes in the form of a variety of bungalows… read more

Oceania Islands

  • Beachcomber Island

    Beachcomber Island has become a rite-of-passage for many a party-loving traveller; the nights here are long and wild and the drinks are ever flowing but if you fancy a tropical island where you are guaranteed to have fun, then Beachcomber is it. The Beachcomber Island Resort is the only accommodat… read more

  • Beacon Island

    One of the most fascinating and unpleasant tales in human history took place on this small West Australian Island. In 1629 a merchant vessel called the Batavia, owned by the Dutch East India Company, ran aground not far from the shore and the commander Francisco Pelsaert left on the only boat with t… read more

  • Fraser Island

    Reputed as the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is a beautiful, wild landscape that is well worth the visit. The island is an amazing place to study the flora and fauna on offer and other wildlife such as dingoes, over 300 species of birds and a remarkable selection of plants. read more

  • Great Barrier Island

    The surprising thing about this island is that for it being the 4th largest island in New Zealand there are only 850 inhabitants. There is no central power system and everything is therefore run by electric generators. The island is, however, an unspoilt paradise of hot pools, untouched natural fore… read more

  • Hamilton Island

    The perfect place from which to explore the rest of the Whitsunday Isles and the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island is also a wonderful place to spend some time with a wealth of restaurants and fun things to do. There are glorious beaches, competition standard golf-courses and a variety of wildlife… read more

  • Kadavu

    Kadavu Island is actually a very small group of islands located in Fiji which are famed for their ruggedness and tranquil beauty. If you wish to travel around the island, it is best to do the journey by boat around the coast as the central belt of the island is so mountainous. Most tourists tend… read more

  • Laucala Island

    Exceptionally beautiful and exceptionally expensive with prices ranging from $3800 to $8200 per night, this glorious island hideaway is only available to the very wealthy but with the cost comes an unforgettable stay on a secret island. Located in the South Pacific waters not far from Taveuni, the t… read more

  • Macquarie Island

    Nestled between Australia and the Antarctic this small island is a wildlife sanctuary to an estimated 1 million penguins as well as thousands of seals. The island was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of it being the only place on Earth where rocks from the earth’s mantle, or last… read more

  • Mounu Island

    Are you looking for a Tongan eco-resort on a private island that won’t require you to remortgage your home? Then come to Mounu Island, a glorious slice of paradise that is highly affordable as well. At around £100 per night you can enjoy staying in one of only four ‘fales’, or traditional Ton… read more

  • Nacula Island

    Nacula is remote, untouched and absolutely stunning. Life here is simple and the hardest decision will be what time of the day is acceptable to have a cocktail on the beach? One of the most popular ways to fill your time is to trek across the island on an exploratory journey. It is often possible to… read more

  • New Britain Island

    Found off of the East coast of Papua New Guinea, New Britain Island is filled with a fascinating history and stunning views. Captured by the Japanese during World War Two there are many fascinating ruins, wrecks and caves to visit on this magnificent, wild island. New Britain is vast, relatively … read more

  • Robinson Crusoe Island

    Robinson Crusoe Island in Fiji is a lovely small island located in an estuary which, although not guaranteeing crystal clear waters for snorkelling, allows you to cool down in style. The main draw of this island is that it is predominantly for travellers seeking to experience island life on a budget… read more

  • Thursday Island

    As the largest of the beautiful Torres Strait Islands, Thursday Island is also home to most of the activities and accommodation. The archipelago is owned by both Australia and Papua New Guinea with the demarcation line cutting straight through the middle of the islands, but the countries work togeth… read more

  • Vatulele Island

    Heralded as perhaps the most beautiful of the Fijian Islands, Vatulele is a striking, peaceful and romantic island. It is home to the Vatulele Island Resort where everything you may need is catered for and the speciality is weddings of all shapes and sizes, be it a barefoot on the beach or a grand b… read more

Central and South American Islands

  • Achutupo

    The San Blas form an island archipelago that has remained relatively unspoiled for generations. The native Indians have been given power to administer the islands to suit their culture and the Panamanian government do not get involved. Achutupo is where many travellers will arrive due to their being… read more

  • Big Corn Island

    A beautiful and rustic travel experience can be found here, where few tourists dare to travel due to the lack of real infrastructure. If you are willing to make the effort though you will be hugely rewarded by the wonderful hospitality of your hosts. With less to do than Little Corn Island this is a… read more

  • Caye Caulker

    A veritable tropical paradise that is only 21 miles from Belize City, Caye Caulker is famed for its remarkable atmosphere and world class diving although there is plenty here for everyone to enjoy. The island is also important as a cultural home to numerous Caribbean ethnic groups such as the Mayans… read more

  • Cerralvo

    Although the name has recently changed to Jacque Cousteau Island, most locals will refer to the historic name of Cerralvo for this stunning, mountainous island. The island is available for purchase and, as such, is essentially uninhabited but available to visit for a short trip from Santa Cruz, Sant… read more

  • Coche Island

    Part of the Nueve Esparta State in Venezuela, Coche Island is a glorious gem in the Caribbean Sea. Home to only a few resorts and generally favoured by windsurfers due to the amazing conditions, this island is a dream place to spend a few days or weeks with some beautiful beaches to laze around on. … read more

  • Deception Island

    One of the most accessible islands in Antarctica , Deception is actually the caldera of a volcano located undersea. It is famed as the only place on earth where you can sail into the mouth of an active volcano, and it is active. Many of the resources on the island were destroyed by two eruptions in … read more

  • El Gran Roque

    As the only populated island in the Los Roques National Park, El Gran Roque is the most suited to visiting which is a good thing as it is also one of the most beautiful islands in the region. Tranquillity is the key word for the main village in Gran Roque and upon your first sight of a shoeless vill… read more

  • Fernando de Noronha

    Home to what are reputedly the best beaches in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha, named after the famous Portuguese explorer, is home to a booming tourist trade and should feature high on the to-do list of anyone visiting this remarkable country. This island archipelago is everything that you could expect… read more

  • Iles du Salut

    Devil’s Island, famous predominantly because of the novel Papillon by Henri Charriere, is home to both the worst of man and the best of nature. The prison, around which so much of the islands tourist industry is based, was active for over 100 years. It was home to some 80,000 inmates, many of whom… read more

  • Ilha Grande

    Ilha Grande is a pristine tropical island located not far from Rio de Janeiro that possesses some of the richest rainforest in the world. A relatively untouched and remarkably peaceful place to visit, as there has been little concession made to tourism, the town of Vila do Abraão is the only signif… read more

  • Isla Colon

    Isla Colon is one of the most beautiful party islands in the world, a haven of resorts and beach bashes where lounging on yachts is a common activity. Located in the beautiful Bocas Del Toro archipelago, Isla Colon is the capital of the region and a fascinating place to spend a week or two. There ar… read more

  • Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego

    This beautiful archipelago was named the ‘Isles of Fire’ by the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan as there were a number of fires on the coastline when he arrived. But when you experience the cold temperatures here, you will struggle to understand how they could have started in the first place.… read more

  • Roatan

    One of the most prized dive locations in the Caribbean, Roatan is located in close proximity to the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef in the world. Despite being the largest of all the Honduras Bay Islands, Roatan is relatively small at 27 miles long and only 2 miles wide but a vast array… read more

  • South Water Caye

    A private dream island in the Caribbean that is not for the super-rich, South Water Caye is a beautiful place to visit. For the same price as a mid-range hotel in most major cities you can live in paradise in your own cottage on the beach and fall asleep listening to the sea washing onto the shore. … read more

  • Turneffe Island

    The Turneffe Island Resort has everything that you could possibly want for a vacation; pristine beaches, unbelievable fishing and, due to its close location to the famous Blue Hole, wonderful diving. The island itself is compact, beautifully designed and home to a great range of activities even if y… read more

  • Utila

    Utila is one of the most famous diving destinations in the Caribbean, if not the world. With more people being PADI certified here than anywhere else in the region, it is not surprising to find out that there is a great deal to see here. Whatever water sport takes your fancy you will find something … read more

  • Vieques

    Vieques has remained relatively untouched by tourism due to it being an American military base for many years and although this conjures images of an unattractive landscape filled with functional buildings it couldn’t be further from the truth. The island itself is stunning and once you experience… read more

Pacific Islands

  • Aitutaki

    A perfect coral atoll in the Cook Islands with a beautiful central lagoon for sailing, swimming and snorkelling, Aitutaki is a perfect example of all that the South Pacific has to offer. When arriving by sea-plane from Raratonga, the most striking feature is the triangular shape of the reef, with it… read more

  • Bora Bora

    Bora Bora is probably the most beautiful island in the world, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, its own lagoon and a barrier reef that provides natural protection to the private residences. Life on Bora Bora couldn’t get any better and that is why it comes with a price; a huge price. A… read more

  • Easter Island

    One of the most sacred islands in the world due to the famous Moai Statues and the success of its remote civilization, Easter Island is a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Possessing several white-sand beaches, the largest palm tree species in the world and a surprising number of archaeological sites, the… read more

  • Espanola Island

    One of the most impressive of the Galapagos range, Espanola is everything you could dream of from these barren, wild islands. Believed to be the oldest in the range at an age of 3 millions years, it has been left undisturbed to develop its own remarkable eco-system. The flora and fauna and indigenou… read more

  • Espiritu Santo

    The largest island in the nation of Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo is a beautiful and wonderfully friendly paradise island where you can spend your days walking on beaches or diving in the stunning seas surrounding them. This is the island that the musical South Pacific was set on with its lush forests, gl… read more

  • Fatu Hiva

    Fatu Hiva, or the ‘Garden of Eden’ as it is nicknamed, is the southernmost of the Marquesa Island chain and one of the most lauded for its remarkable beauty. Unlike many of the volcanically formed islands in the South Pacific, Fatu Hiva has a large plateau running through the centre which is hom… read more

  • Kauai

    If you are looking for a more peaceful and less touristy Hawaiian island then Kauai may be exactly what you are looking for. Quietly populated and home to fantastic surfing, Kauai has become something of a second-home to water-sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Famous for its wonderful diving and wave… read more

  • Lanai

    The 6th largest island in Hawaii but sparsely populated with only around 3000 inhabitants, Lanai is a wonderful alternative to the tourism of the main island. Highly rustic and with few hotels, the island appeals mainly to tourists looking for a different Hawaiian experience where the sights are har… read more

  • Molokai

    Molokai is a tiny Hawaiian island with a very interesting past and was previously a leper colony segregated from the rest of the islands. The island is now leprosy free and is a wonderfully peaceful, beautiful place to visit. Molokai is a place where you can spend carefree days on the beach overlook… read more

  • Moorea

    Regarded by some as being the most beautiful island in the world, Moorea is also a haven for those travelling on a budget as it is considerably cheaper than its neighbour Tahiti. The accommodation on the island is generally quite basic but that is where the charm lies; here you can wander amongst co… read more

  • Oahu

    Home to Honolulu and almost 1 million people, Oahu is not going to top of anyone’s list for a peaceful, secluded holiday. It is, however, wonderful fun and if city life isn’t for you then you will be able to find somewhere to get peace and quiet. Typifying the Hawaii experience, Waikiki beach is… read more

  • Pitcairn Island

    Would you like to see the last remnants of the British Empire? All you have to do is book a trip to Pitcairn Island. With its mild temperatures and lush green landscapes, tourists just can’t get enough. This country is home to the descendants of Bounty mutineers and is Britain’s last oversea ter… read more

  • Rangiroa

    Although Rangiroa is the second largest island atoll in the world, it can be sailed fairly easily at leisure due to it being only 80km long and measuring 32km at its widest point. The central lagoon between the islands is essentially a shallow sandbank at 35km deep and is favoured by scuba divers th… read more

  • Rurutu

    In addition to being the most touristic island in the Austral Island range, Rurutu is also becoming a place known across the world as a breeding ground for humpback whales. It is possible to spot and swim with a number of them only 30ft from the shore due to the gentle lagoons that surround the isla… read more

  • Suwarrow Island

    In the North Cook Islands you will find the tiny Suwarrow Island, a sparsely populated coral atoll that will enchant you with its beautiful beaches, peaceful isolation and remarkable wildlife. It is only possible to visit the island through an arranged tour from Raratonga but it is worth the journey… read more

  • Uepi Island

    Uepi is a wonderful site for divers and those that love snorkelling due to the remarkable geography that surrounds the island. On the western side of the island is the Marovo Lagoon which is often regarded as the longest lagoon in the southern hemisphere. An incredible sight with crystal-clear water… read more

Islands in and around Africa

  • Bugala Island

    Located in the glorious Ssese island archipelago, Bugala Island is a wonderful place to spend a week or two. The largest of the island range, Bugala is fairly well equipped for the incoming tourists, as there are a number of hotels and resorts located in and around the capital, Kalangala. The tw… read more

  • Fregate Island

    The most glorious private island in the whole of the African continent, Fregate Island is home to a mere 16 villas and visitors to the island get to share seven islands between them, that’s just over two tourists per beach- not bad. The beach named Anse Victorin was recently voted the best bea… read more

  • Ibo

    Imagine a paradise island that was once exceptionally wealthy and one of the pearls of the Indian Ocean, where over 30,000 people lived and prospered. Then imagine that island when it has all but been abandoned, with its mansions crumbling and its churches filled with bats. That is island is Ibo, ho… read more

  • Nosy Nato

    Nosy Nato is not only of the most wonderfully named islands in the world, it is also one of the most beautiful in the Madagascan region. Located south of Ile Saint-Marie, this is one island visit that you won’t forget; waters that are impossibly clear, deserted beaches, wonderful short hikes and s… read more

  • Reunion

    Located 120 miles south of Mauritius, Reunion is a French Commune that is generally favoured by celebrities and the wealthy. With a population that has almost doubled to just over 800,000 over the last fifty years, there may not be as much space as there used to be, but it is still more than possibl… read more

  • Rodrigues

    This beautifully lush island, located in the Indian Ocean 560km east of Mauritius, is a remarkable place to spend some time due to the incredible range of activities available and the wonderful culture. It goes without saying that the weather is not too bad either. One of Rodrigues’ main attra… read more

  • Socotra Island

    This is island is often described as the most ‘alien looking place on earth’ due to its remarkably bizarre flora, much of which is found nowhere else on the planet. The island itself is one of the oldest, continually inhabited places on earth and as such has a wonderful, organic culture that is … read more

  • Zanzibar

    Zanzibar is a wonderful island filled with a remarkable, and remarkably old, culture, credited with being the originators of the Swahili language and possessing the only functioning ancient town on the east-coast of Africa, Stone Town. The beaches on the island are white-sand gems, untouched, abso… read more

Islands in the Atlantic

  • Ascension Island

    This rocky mass in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most charming and beguiling islands in the world. The island is a mass of contradictions and extremes with huge, cold peaks and glorious tropical waters. The harshness of the landscape is striking and unbelievably beautiful, leaving v… read more

  • Madeira

    An island covered in pineapple trees and dramatic vistas, low clouds were born to hug this island. The low sitting harbour has succumbed to floods in the past but the remarkably fresh food and incredible views entice more travellers year after year. Due to the high level of tourism on the island t… read more

  • Saint Helena

    St. Helena is one of the most isolated islands in the world, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This country got its claim for fame by housing Napoleon during his exile until his death. You can visit this historical site, named the Longwood house, which is now used solely as a museum. Anot… read more

  • Sao Vicente

    The partying on Sao Vicente is based around the town of Mindelo, which is also regarded as the cultural capital of the archipelago. It has a world-famous music scene which has nurtured many artists over the years, none more so than Cesaria Evora, the most famous Capeverdian musician. Located in t… read more

  • Tristan da Cunha

    Probably the most remote inhabited island in the world, Tristan da Cunha is home to some 275 people who have settled here and is almost equidistant between South Africa and South America. Owned by the United Kingdom, the island has no airport and is predominantly serviced by the occasional ship and … read more

Islands in Europe


  • Alonissos

    If you are seeking an authentic Greek experience then you should visit Alonissos, a beautiful island in the Sporades chain where tourism has not yet got a firm grip and where the seafood is literally straight from the sea. Surprisingly cheap and stunningly beautiful, Alonissos is everything that you… read more

  • Folegandros

    This little haven in the Aegean Sea is a peaceful and rocky place to spend a few days. Known for having a wonderful climate and a surprising number of beautiful beaches, Folegandros is one of those islands that you can’t believe you had never heard of before. One of the strangest sights is the… read more

  • Ithaki

    Ithaki is “Home to Odysseus”, or so the island authorities claim. Whether or not this is true, Ithaki certainly is beautiful enough to be part of Greek folklore. In modern times, the island is famed for its glorious beaches and pleasant nightlife with small restaurants and romantic bars compensa… read more

  • Karpathos

    Although Karpathos has rapidly modernised over the years with an increase in hotels and internet cafes, it has retained a definite sense of its own culture and it is this which brings the visitors. The whole island is wonderfully self-sufficient with most people owning their own livestock and ma… read more

  • Kea

    This tiny island located near Athens in the Cyclades was the birthplace of Simonides and Prodicus, a poet and philosopher who gained great notoriety in Ancient Greece. The island itself is sleepy, quiet and famed for its natural beauty. The capital city Ioulis is the primary hub of accommodation for… read more

  • Lefkada

    Historically important and achingly beautiful Lefkada, or Lefkas as it is alternatively known, is one of the main reasons for people believing that the Greek isles are amongst the most beautiful in the world. The scene of many a Greek tragedy and believed by some to have been the mythical island of … read more

  • Paxos

    The smallest of all the Ionian Islands, Paxos is a mere 7 miles long and 2 miles wide but this verdant drop in the sea more than makes up for its size. Covered in olive trees, extreme cliffs and beautiful, unspoilt beaches, the island is accessible only by boat which lends to its rugged charm. Unsur… read more

  • Santorini

    Spectacular and peerless, all it takes is one visit to Santorini to see why some believe this to be the mythical lost city of Atlantis. Essentially an active volcano, most of the activity on the island is focused on the cliff around the magnificent caldera, a crescent-shaped lagoon which surrounds t… read more

  • Skopelos

    One of the lushest islands in all of Greece, Skopelos has long been a popular place for tourists to come and admire its beauty but with the rise in popularity of other isles, this gem has gradually been forgotten about. Thankfully, this means that it is easy to get a good bargain in terms of both ac… read more

  • Zakynthos

    A famous and popular island, Zakynthos is one of those places where you can find something for everyone; whether you fancy a late night or an early morning, you will never run out of things to do. One of the most striking islands in all of the Aegean Sea, Zakynthos is a beautiful, contrasting and lu… read more


  • Capri

    This island located close to Naples and in the Mediterranean Sea is legendary for its beauty and debauched nightlife. It was famed all over the ancient world as home to many a Roman emperor and was nicknamed by the Greeks as the Island of Sirens. The island is now host to many festivals and is the s… read more

  • Elba

    If you enjoy scrambling across rocks to find tiny secluded beaches and bays and then swimming in remarkably clear, warm waters with no one else in sight then this is the island for you. If your adventurous spirit lies under the sea then there is plenty to keep you occupied as well with calm bays, ye… read more

  • Favignana

    The largest of the Egadi Islands, Favignana is the holidaymaker’s hub which contains the majority of the accommodation and the entertainment. Little known to non-Italians, these islands are a sample of the old Italy that we imagine; small untouched villages where the wine is cheap and the food is … read more

  • Isola del Giglio

    An Italian commune and famous wine producing island, Giglio is the home of ‘Ansonaco’ wine. Located 16km from Tuscany on the Italian mainland, the island is in one of the most beautiful regions of the entire country and it will not disappoint any visitor due to the remarkable natural scenery and… read more

  • Lipari

    The Island of Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands and is home to some of the best views in the region. The town of Lipari is also the only accommodation and tourism hub, as the rest of the islands are generally only visited as part of a day-trip as they are easily accessible by boat. The is… read more

  • Marettimo

    Famed all around Italy for the remarkable food that is produced on the island (it is where British chef Jamie Oliver spent one week whilst filming a programme), this quality can be sampled in any of the local eateries that dot the harbour road and the tiny streets behind. There is one hotel on the i… read more

  • Monte Isola

    Monte Isola is the largest lake island in South and Central Europe and despite it only being 12km², is home to almost 2000 people and is located in the beautiful Brescia province in Northern Italy. The island is home to a striking mountain in its centre and due to there being no traffic allowed, it… read more

  • Santo Stefano Island

    With one hotel your accommodation choices are limited but you will not forget a stay on this island located a short distance from Sardinia in Italy. Home to a semi-abandoned NATO naval base this is perhaps not many peoples instinctual choice for a holiday destination but once you see the remarkably … read more


  • Faro

    The stark landscape of Faro may not appeal to most but there are many great wonders to be found on this Swedish island. The starkness of the landscape has been utilised by a number of film directors in the past, most famously Ingmar Bergman on a few occasions. Bergman also lived on the island for a … read more

  • Fasta Aland

    Fasta Aland is the largest island in this Finnish archipelago, it is also the municipal capital and home to the vast majority of the population. One of the strange and unexpected elements that you will discover on a visit here is that although technically part of Finland the inhabitants speak Swedis… read more

  • Flatey

    One of the most important areas in the history of Iceland, Flatey is a remarkable place to visit during the summer months as the winter is too cold, but you won’t ever forget your time here. The island was a cultural hub for many centuries in medieval Iceland and was the creative and cultural capi… read more

  • Gotland

    Gotland is the place to be seen during the summer if you are Swedish and like to party, many of the residents rent their apartments during the summer to the incoming party crowd who spend many a day in the bars and clubs on the island. If fact, the island was recently voted as having the best beach … read more

  • Lofoten Islands

    Heralded by National Geographic Magazine as the third most desirable island archipelago in the world, the Lofoten island range is awash with glorious sights to see and things to do. Famed for their climbing and fishing, the Lofoten islands also experience one of the strangest temperature shifts in t… read more

  • Spitsbergen

    This is a wonderful place to spend a number of hours walking in the wilds as there is a remarkable variety of landscapes which can aid the feeling of awe and isolation. There is a great deal of history in this area with numerous whaling stations serving as a reminder but the greatest aspect is the u… read more

Northern Europe

  • Arran

    Rugged in the extreme, Arran is an island of vast mountains, stunning views and glorious food. The stark remains of Brodick Castle are the main historic attraction for tourists but much fun can be found spending your days walking through the remarkable scenery and enjoying some traditional western i… read more

  • Isle of Skye

    Scotland in miniature. Imagine an island that represents the most romantic elements of a wonderfully romantic country and all of which can be visited in a day. Stunning mountain ranges, glorious lochs and fantastic Talisker whisky can be enjoyed on one of the most dramatic looking islands in Europe.… read more

  • Kunashir Island

    Kunashir is the easiest of the volcanic Kuril Islands to visit and is the administrative capital of the archipelago. Ownership of the Kuril Islands is heavily disputed between Russia and Japan and is the reason why the two countries have never signed a peace treaty since WWII but the islands are fam… read more

  • Rathlin Island

    The northernmost point of Northern Ireland is this tiny island located just 25km from Scotland across the Irish Sea, it is the only inhabited island in the country with 100 residents. Rathlin is a nature conservation site where it is possible to spot a wide variety of seabirds and has some of the mo… read more

  • Sylt

    Germany’s fourth largest island at 99km², Sylt is the slowly becoming a haven for tourists due to it’s wonderful sampling of traditional Frisian-German island life and it’s famous nude beaches. Journeying via train is the only option for transport to the island which lends an air of old-fashi… read more

  • Tiree

    For those with a thirst for adventure, Tiree is a dream as the island is unprotected from the Atlantic Ocean leaving it perfect for kitesurfing and riding a wave or two. The winters are cold and the summers average at 17ºC so this may not be a suitable option for those seeking to enjoy the swelteri… read more


  • Cres

    Lake Vrana, in the centre of Cres, is believed to be one of the deepest lakes in Eastern Europe and has a fascinating myth surrounding it. The lake was believed to be home to a castle that was flooded in retribution for the selfish actions of its owner, on windy days it is reputed that you can hear … read more

  • Lopud

    The isle of Lopud near Dubrovnik in Croatia is famed for Sunj beach, reputedly the best white sand beach in the Elafiti islands, and its lush vegetation. Based around the Port of Lopud the accommodation is predominantly three and four-star hotels which offer fantastic value for money and there are a… read more

  • Losinj

    Losinj is a beautiful island on the Kvarner gulf that is famous for as a traditional sample of Croatian life. The whitewashed houses and quaint seaside charms have led to the island becoming famous for its healthy air and as a spa retreat for the wealthy. Located in the Bay of Kvarner, the town of M… read more

  • Sibenik

    One of the jewels of the Adriatic, Sibenik is a wonderful city filled with remarkable architecture, the centrepiece being the UNESCO protected St James Cathedral. A remarkable centuries old building with the sculptured heads of local people created during its construction. There are numerous hotels … read more

Mediterranean Islands

  • Bozcaada

    Although the secret is out about Bozcaada, you can still find a great deal of wonderful, unspoiled areas to wander around and explore. The population is small, around 2000 people, so it is possible to visit many parts of the island and not see person, adding to the peace and tranquillity of the isla… read more

  • Comino

    One of the smallest inhabited islands in Europe at only 3.5km² and with a population of only four permanent residents this tiny haven is for those seeking peace, quiet and time to get closer to nature. The whole island is classified as a nature reserve so there is an abundance of small wildlife inc… read more

  • Corsica

    Most famous as being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsica is a stunning Mediterranean island regardless of historical context. Located closer to Italy but owned by France the island has a culture that is indebted to both. One of the main tourist draws is the house of the Bonaparte family wh… read more

  • Gozo

    Gozo is a small island with a big role in the history of Malta, home to only 30,000 people it is also believed to possess the oldest religious structure in the world, Ġgantija. Inhabited since 5000BC the island is one of the oldest continually inhabited places on the planet and it still retains a u… read more

  • Ile d’Aix

    Although tiny at 1.19km² and with a population of only 220 the Ile d’Aix has remarkable history as the setting of a number of significant battles in French history. During the Hundred Years’ War in the 12th Century the English and French held a number of battles here due to it being located dir… read more

  • Ile du Levant

    A true paradise in the Mediterranean, the tiny Ile du Levant is the perfect example of a French Riviera island, but with a difference. The island is home to France’s oldest nudist colony and outside of the port and town centre, clothing is optional. Popular with families and young couples alike Le… read more

  • Ile Sainte-Marguerite

    This tiny island, located not far from Cannes in France, is a wonderful place to spend a day. With beautiful forests and rocky beaches it is a popular picnicking spot on a nice day. Ile St. Marguerite is most famous for being the location of the jail cell that held The Man in the Iron Mask which can… read more

  • Isla de sa Ferradura

    Ever imagine having your own private Mediterranean island? Well this dream could become a reality on the Isla de sa Ferradura as it is available for rental or purchase and it is already equipped with everything you could possibly need. Located not far from the coast of party-island Ibiza, and attach… read more

  • Kekova

    A beautiful island filled with history and vistas to die for, Kekova is a dream for those that like to sun themselves and explore ancient ruins. One of the main draws here is the submerged city ruins at the islands northern edge, the ancient city Dolchiste collapsed due to an earthquake in the 2nd C… read more

  • Les Medes Islands

    Principally popular as a day-trip from the main Costa Brava islands, Les Medes are a small group of islands which form part of an important marine reserve. The islands are hugely popular for their scuba-diving as the restricted nature of the reserve allows many species to thrive. As such there is a … read more

  • Murano

    Murano is Venice without the tourists, well, almost. A small island located not far from Venice itself, the design is very similar with small waterways instead of roads and a great deal of charm to be found in the old villas. The island is considerably smaller than Venice so it is easily possible to… read more

  • Porquerolles

    A beautiful tiny island in the French Riviera that soothes the soul after the decadence of Cannes, prepare to pamper yourself and enjoy what may be France’s best beach. Purchased as a wedding gift by a kind husband and then converted into a vineyard in 1912, the island has resisted modernisation t… read more

  • Porto Santo

    Located close to Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean, the small island of Porto Santo is a tropical haven for those who want to escape the maddening throngs of tourists but still be able to lie on a fantastic beach. The town of Camacha is the main tourist hub and the location of most of the hotels on the … read more

  • Sovalye Island

    A hidden gem in the bay of Fethiye, a hugely popular tourist retreat, this secret little island is one that you will not forget easily. Favoured as a holiday resort for Turkish people there are numerous bougainvillea-covered villas available here available to rent in the wonderful surrounds of many … read more

  • Terceira

    The Azores are a small chain of islands in the Atlantic which were once at the centre of world trade and laden with riches, the islands are now a little less affluent but still a wonderful place to visit and sun yourself. The centre of historical trade was the island of Terceira, with the UNESCO pro… read more

North American Islands

  • Amelia Island

    Regularly featuring in lists of the best islands in North America, Amelia has a fascinating history for such a small island and one that belies its quaint present-day charms. Once a haven for pirates and noblemen, the island has been captured many times, hence the nickname ‘the isle of eight flags… read more

  • Beechey Island

    A hugely famous island due to its history as a centre for arctic exploration, Beechey Island is certainly not a holiday spot for the unadventurous as it takes effort and patience to get here but you will be rewarded with an otherworldly experience if you do. Home to scientific stations and numerous … read more

  • Catalina Island

    A popular island for visitors from California who want to enjoy a break from the heady rush of the city, Catalina has a fine history of weekend trips and holiday homes. The most common method of arriving here is on a sail boat from Marina del Rey or Long Beach and when you arrive in the wonderful ha… read more

  • Cumberland Island

    Regularly hailed as one of the most beautiful islands in North America this spot is home to some remarkable scenery and romantic imagery with blustery, white sand beaches populated by wild horses. The largest of the barrier islands on the coast of Georgia, Cumberland has a fascinating history as wel… read more

  • Dry Tortugas National Park

    The Dry Tortugas, named because there is no freshwater present, are located near to the Florida coastline and are a hugely popular tourist attraction due to the beauty of the area and its fascinating history. Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise may recognise the name, the area used to be … read more

  • Hilton Head Island

    A semi-tropical wonder where your days will be spent playing golf and eating remarkable seafood; life just doesn’t get much better than this. Hilton Head is a beautiful and fascinating barrier island located not far from Savannah, Georgia but is actually in the state of South Carolina. The main at… read more

  • Jekyll Island

    A fascinating little island that was once the winter home of some of the richest families in American history, Jekyll Island is now a flourishing tourist retreat that can easily be visited for a fraction of the price that it would previously have cost. Begun as an exclusive sanctuary in 1886, the is… read more

  • Key West

    The southernmost of the famed islands off the coast of Florida, Key West is the jewel of the Florida Keys. A tiny 4 miles long and 2 miles wide, Key West is actually closer to Havana in Cuba than it is to Miami and this lends itself to the truly Caribbean feel of the island. With its mild, tropical … read more

  • Langara Island

    One of the most famed fishing locations in the world, Langara Island is in the south-west of Canada, close to the U.S. border. If you are looking to get back to the wilderness then this may be fairly high on your list due to the simple lodgings and old, frontier-style towns located nearby. The fishi… read more

  • Longboat Key

    A barrier resort for the long winter weekends in the south of Florida which is home to numerous celebrity residents, Longboat Key is a beautiful islet and city that will easily beat your midwinter blues. The nearby waters are wonderful for leisurely kayaking, sailing and snorkelling, all of which ca… read more

  • Mount Desert Island

    One of the most pristine landscapes in the American East, Acadia National Park covers roughly half of Mount Desert Island and as such offers some remarkable views of the wilderness. The island is not only popular for the remarkable vistas but because of the charming, fishing village atmosphere that … read more

  • Nantucket

    One of the most famous islands in America due to its prominent history and regular mention in the opening line of limericks, Nantucket is a beautiful, peaceful slice of the old. The island has everything that you could possibly want for a weekend break or a longer sojourn, the beaches are beautiful,… read more

  • Ocracoke Island

    This peaceful little island in North Carolina is a favourite holiday spot for tourists during the summer months as it offers glorious sunshine and one of the best beaches in America, Ocracoke Beach. The island has a wealth of history as well as being beautiful. It was once a favourite refuge for pir… read more

  • Prince Edward Island

    One of the most popular islands in the North American continent, Prince Edward Island is glorious and offers something for everyone. Famous as the home to the House of Anne of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island (or PEI as it is known officially) is filled with sights and things for visitors to do. T… read more

  • Sanibel

    A quiet, stunning barrier island in Florida that is known as a haven for families and those seeking a peaceful holiday in beautifully intact wilderness. The surrounding waters are home to some verdant and well studied nature reserves, including the J.N. “Ding” Darling Reserve which houses some c… read more

  • Sauvie Island

    Located north of California in Oregon State, this wonderful island is famous for being larger than Manhattan and home to a stunning wildlife refuge. There are numerous activities to take part in here and all involve a real sense of ‘getting back to nature’ such as kayaking, fishing, trekking and… read more

  • South Padre Island

    Although hugely popular with students during ‘Spring Break’, South Padre Island is essentially a calm and peaceful place to spend a holiday filled with beach walks and bird watching. It has recently begun to bill itself as an ecotourism haven and many nature-loving holidaymakers come here to cam… read more

  • St. Simons Island

    This easily walk-able island is a great place to holiday due to its wonderful amenities and the natural beauty of the area. St. Simons has an interesting history; it was one of the first places where the Spanish missionaries landed and then set up a catholic church which remained in situ until the A… read more

  • Vancouver Island

    Vancouver Island, close to the U.S. mainland, offers something for everything with both cities and remote wilderness, remarkable scenery and many an opportunity for night-time adventures. The city of Victoria is where most people arrive, and due to its beauty, stay for a number of days to explore th… read more


Some staff favorites and islands that are worth checking out are…

Fraser Island – a super fun place to 4wd, sandboard, watch the dingoes and swim in the truly stunning lakes.

Necker Island – Richard Branson’s private tropical paradise in the Caribbean.

Easter Island – Very remote island with a fascinating history.

Macquarie Island – Between Australia and Antarctica, very cold place but teeming with wildlife.

Greek Islands – Island hopping around Greece is fantastic for all ages, great sights, delicious food and very relaxing.

Bora Bora – Paradise, enough said.


Which islands would you like to visit, let us know in the comments below.

Date posted: 1st August, 2011

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