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Jamaica is a Caribbean country south of Cuba, and famous for hot weather and wonderful holidays. One of the sites that is popular with visitors is Nine Mile, where legendary reggae artist Bob Marley was born and was also buried after his death. Activities that are ideal in this wonderful country are hiking, snorkelling, jet-skiing and swimming with dolphins off the coast, which is where lovely beaches welcome back those who have gone out to sea.


Hotel weddings have become a phenomenon in Jamaica, with marriages performed by a certified marriage officer of the island. Beautiful, beguiling and the birthplace of one of the most distinctive cultures in the world, Jamaica is a playground for adults where you can be sipping a rum punch on the beach one minute and swimming with dolphins the next.

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Home to almost 3m people and with hundreds of thousands of visitors per year, you won’t be lacking in company, but this is a party island after all, and who couldn’t do with a few more friends? Most people head to Kingston, the capital, or Montego Bay as it has the most luxury resorts, but if you fancy a little break from the norm then head to Ocho Rios. It is a less touristy area that has stunning gardens and was once home to the creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming.

Date posted: 21st August, 2017

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