The Jerusalem Old City

Jerusalem Old City

This site is of symbolic importance and has been for centuries. There are about 220 historic monuments in Jerusalem . The Dome of the Rock is one of the most important monuments. It was built in 7 th century and is considered the site of Abraham’s sacrifice. The Wailing Wall holds religious significance with respect to Judaism. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is another well known holy site in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Old City, Israel

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The old city of Jerusalem was preserved from the ancient past and maintains the old charm. The entire city is enclosed by yellow limestone walls in which there are four gates – Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian quarters allow visitors access to the city and each of these gates leads to a maze of streets that are narrow and twisting. The two main roads – Via Dolorosa and Ha-Yehudim intersect to form four different religious regions. Each religion places its own importance upon these roads and this is one of the main reasons behind some religious conflicts in the city.

Dome of the Rock

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The Hebrew language translates Jerusalem to City of Peace , unfortunately the reality is different. The holy city holds significance for three different religions and has seen many conflicts and fights in 5000 years of history. The fighting of Roman, Byzantine and Crusader forces are in the top three fierce battles that Jerusalem has seen.

As a visitor there is a remarkable amount to be seen in this emotionally fraught center of these three religions. Visitors to the regions should be aware that they must approach the place with a high level of cultural sensitivity. Violence related to Jerusalem continues even today. The holiness that is believed to prevail in the city drives a wedge between the people and the establishment of four gates is an outcome of the religious fights that have occurred. Visitors to Jerusalem will be able to view a range of extraordinary monuments and religious sites, but are advised to approach the visit with care and though of the significance the site holds for the religious visitors and inhabitants of this ancient city.

Date posted: 28th March, 2016

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