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Kanchanaburi – The Bridge over the River Kwai

Anybody who has seen the old war movie titled “The Bridge over the River Kwai” will know the story which fits this place. Towards the end of the last war the Japanese Army used allied prisoners of war as slave labour to build a railway, and the infamous bridge.

Kanchanburi Bridge Thailand

Thousands of POWS died due to disease and malnutrition, and the huge graveyards in Kanchanaburi are a testament to this. Hundreds of people travel here each year to pay their respects to family members who lost their life on the railway and were buried in Kanchanaburi.

Kanchanburi Thailand

Visitors to Kanchanaburi can take a ride on the infamous railway and across the bridge. There is also the local Death Museum, which contains a history of the construction of the railway, as well as exhibits from the time period. This is quite a sombre site, but one well worth visiting. Indeed, it is possibly the most important site in Thailand’s recent history.

Travel Kanchanburi Bridge

Date posted: 21st October, 2014

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