Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo point is in the envious position where it looks down over Brisbane city. Situated south of the CBD on the South Bank of the Brisbane River and atop the famous Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

The City Cat stop is at the base of the Kangaroo Point cliffs and then a very steep staircase will take you to the top. A trendy outdoor café with amazing views is a popular place to enjoy a coffee and take in the city sights from high.

Kangaroo Point

Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge is the gateway to Kangaroo Point, and the bridge can be viewed in its amazing entirety from the top of the cliffs. If you feel like seeing more of the bridge you can climb up it; Story Bridge Adventure Climb located at 170 Main Road, Kangaroo Point can show you how. Pre booking is essential.

At the base of the cliffs are plenty of walking paths, which will either lead you under the Story Bridge, along side the Brisbane River. Or if heading north you will walk past the Maritime museum and through South Bank Parklands.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs
These dramatic cliffs on the South side of the Brisbane River are formed from volcanic rock and rhyolite lava which was created by convicts.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

flickr image by Brisbane City Council

Now they are a very popular spot for rock climbing and abseiling. Parklands, walkways and picnic areas make this a lovely way to enjoy Brisbane’s famous active, outdoor lifestyle.

Kangaroo Point Park
One of Brisbane newest parks with the best views was opened in January 2010. Kangaroo Point Park sits at the highest point atop the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Formerly the site of Kangaroo Point TAFE and is a great location to kick back and take in the Brisbane River and City views. However, be aware it is a mecca for fitness groups and personal training sessions, with many people using the steps and park here to get their morning dose of exercise.

The Riverlife Adventure Centre at the base of the cliffs offers a variety of activities and sports such as abseiling, kayaking, rollerblading, rock climbing and cycling. Naval Stores, Kangaroo Point (07 3891 5766)

Date posted: 21st May, 2018

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