Kao Keow Open Zoo

Kao Keow Open Zoo

One of the top tourist attractions to be found close to both Pattaya and Chonburi, is the Kao Keow Open Zoo. As the name suggests, this is less a zoological garden and more akin to a wildlife park. Instead of cages and small enclosures, each species of animal is located within a large fenced area, which gives them a home closer to their natural environment.

Kao Keow Open Zoo Thailand

Visitors can approach many of the more friendly animals and actually pet and feed them. The giraffe enclosure is the most popular with young children, as the viewing and feeding area as set at head height for the giraffe below, you can look right into their eyes as you pass them a banana. The big cat enclosures are also impressive, with leopards, tigers and lions easily visible and often active throughout the day. Be warned, this is a large zoo, it does take a while to walk around and this can be tiring on a hot day.

Visit Kao Keow Open Zoo

Visit Kao Keow Open Zoo Thailand

Kao Keow Open Zoo in Thailand


Date posted: 22nd October, 2014

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