Kirra Surfing tour

Kirra, Australia

Back in the day, Kirra was considered unsurfable. It was too fast and too critical, and would grind along the sandbar off Kirra Point, unridden. Then longboards became shortboards, and the inner depths of Kirra’s sand dredging tubes started to be explored. Pretty soon after, Kirra became recognised as the best sand bottom barrel in the world.

Kirra, Australia

flickr image by yaruman5

Kirra has two sections, Big Groin and Little Groin. Starting at Big Groin the swell lines transform to gurgling sand-filled tubes that march down the line over an almost dry sandbar, hollow from start to finish. Making it to Little Groin takes a lot of speed and barrels so deep and heavy your life may never be the same again.

Kirra Surfing

flickr image by ChrisJackson

Kirra is now the tail end of The Superbank and while the rest of The Superbank improved in quality, many considered Kirra perfect already and say it no longer breaks as well. That being said, it still breaks with mechanical intensity and may have only been downgraded from the best sand bottom barrel to a damn good one.

Date posted: 7th August, 2017

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