Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea

Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea

The Kokoda Trail is a classic walk that runs 96km through the Owen Stanley Mountain Range in Papua New Guinea. It is considered by many people to be a place of pilgrimage as it was the site of ferocious fighting between Australian and Japanese forces in World War II.

Kokoda Trail Walk

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The Kokoda Trail begins in Owen’s Corner in Central Province and after traversing rough and hilly terrain ends in Kokoda Village in Oro Province. It passes Mount Bellamy (2,190m) and it is a very challenging walk, with the risk of torrential rain, malaria and cold nights, even in the jungle. The best time to trek here is during the dry season from April to September.

Walk to Kokoda Trail

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There is shelter and food available in villages along the way and the trek can take anything from four to 12 days to complete.

Date posted: 11th August, 2017

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