Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Eponymously named due it being the primary location of the largest lizard species in the world, Komodo Island is a remarkable place to view this huge predator in a semi-natural environment. The inhabitants of the island are the descendants of convicts who were sent here from the Indonesian mainland into a penal colony and forced to live alongside the deadly Komodo dragon. The traditional method of appeasement was the annual sacrifice of a number of deer and goats, which encouraged the dragons to keep their distance from the resident humans.

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The Komodo dragon, although not in the habit of attacking humans, is highly dangerous and so should not be approached in any situation. Komodo fishing village is the only place where there is any accommodation for visitors as most generally do not stay on the island for very long, instead preferring to partake in long day-trips. It is however possible to arrange with your tour operator beforehand. Komodo is also famous for its remarkable marine life and Sabolon Besar is among the favoured spots for divers due to the remarkable coral, the possibility of swimming with giant manta rays and the remarkable underwater caverns. Snorkelling in Pink Beach is a famous pastime also.

Date posted: 14th September, 2017

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