Kuranda Railway

Kuranda Railway

We decided to do a tourist thing by booking up the Kuranda Railway returning on the Sky Rail then going to the Aborigine show Tjapukai.

The railway ride is an amazing experience travelling through loads of tunnels (15 altogether, I think) past waterfalls, all of which is surrounded by beautiful scenery – well worth it.

Kuranda Railway Cairns

by Bob Linsdell

Kuranda is a lovely little town, very touristy but well worth a visit even if it’s just for the iron works around the town as everywhere you look there are hoards of irons works created into huge animals or small details on railings. Also on the paths there are glass tiles imprinted of various designs which the kids loved to follow, they might be little feet or hands, or ants or noses. As I said though, very touristy and very expensive for what you get there compared to other places we had been to, so don’t go spending any money on things like the didgeridoos there. I did however buy a load of sweets from the sweet shop which has to be said only lasted the Skyrail journey as they were all scoffed very quickly, so a piece of advice – however many sweets you need, buy double or even better triple it!

The Skyrail was a cable car ride over the mountains skimming over the rainforest below with a couple of stops on the way to let you have a look around. Even though the railway stops at the famous Barron Falls , the first stop you make allows you to walk to various lookouts and to see the Falls from different aspects. This waterfall is pretty spectacular and well worth a few films in the old camera.

The one thing I would say about the Skyrail is don’t travel with someone who is a bit nervous as we did. We took along a friend from Wales who was over for a year and staying with our friends in Cairns . To be fair I should have said don’t take someone who is nervous with my husband and kids on board! My husband did the usual childish thing and started to rock the cable car, my friend just screamed and the kids chanted “scaredy cat, scaredy cat!!” over and over again. All in all it was a great laugh and my friend survived the trip but swore she wouldn’t sit next to my husband when we went to visit the crocs at the Daintree.

Date posted: 13th October, 2018

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