La Pedrera

La Pedrera

Quite rightly, La Sagrada Familia is known as one of Barcelonas most famous sights and stands as tribute to the genius and vision of Antonio Guadi but Gaudi offered so much more to Barcelona and my favourite piece of work of his is the Casa Milla, or La Pedrera, which translates as The Quarry, located in the Eixample district of the city.

The tour of the building, and the inevitable attached gift shop, is highly recommended, not so much for the internal building and the tour of the apartments, which for a large part was dry but for the rooftop part of the tour.

La Pedrera Tour

by Fotero

Quite frankly, the rooftop of La Pedrera is one of the most fantastic pieces of work I have ever seen and that’s before you even consider the stunning views that are afforded from it. The way the chimneys and turrets are shaped, looking like sentries keeping watch over the building and the city is the perfect accompaniment to the twisting body of the buildings structure.

Even taking the open top bus tour of the city travels past La Pedrera and it definitely holds its own with any of the other sights that Barcelona has to offer and let’s be honest, it has much to offer.

Date posted: 26th June, 2018

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