Less visited countries

Less visited countries

We’ve all longed for the romance of Paris, the soft white sand shores of the Caribbean Islands, or the city lights of New York City as one time or another. These places are well known as some of the best places to visit when on holiday and consistently draw tourists in massive numbers annually. While these places are on most of our bucket lists, there are many lesser known places that are emerging, offering travel experiences unlike any other. Any well seasoned traveler knows that some of the best, most memorable travel experiences come in the places, with the people that you never expected them too. The following locations are some of those special locations that offer unique experiences that are sure to infect you with the travel bug, and keep you touring new and unknown lands for years to come.


One country that more and more travelers are discovering as an amazing destination is Colombia. While the bloody past of Colombia conjures up images of the days of Pablo Escobar, those days are gone now and Colombia is fast becoming one of the top destinations in South America. With a strong culture, storied past and beautiful and friendly locals, this is a wonderful place to come experience a location that many wouldn’t dare visit a few decades back. The revitalized city is well poised moving forward as a top off the radar destination.

Another hidden in plain sight destination that seems to be underexplored by the tourist crowd is Croatia. While millions of tourists come here annually, tourism here is nowhere close to the numbers seen in the nearby nation of Italy which lies just across the Adriatic Sea. This is changing rapidly however as the planned joining of the Euro zone coming next year is poised to drive up tourism exponentially. The cities of Hvar, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik are bracing for growth as tourism based businesses and infrastructure are being put into place here. The gorgeous coastline and many coastal islands make the beaches of Croatia particularly beautiful and in relation to many other European destinations, Croatia is still very affordable.


Another country that is getting a lot of attention as of late is South Africa. Things here have changes rapidly over the past few decades and the draw of an English speaking nation that is home to amazing natural scenery has drawn many western travelers to come and explore one of the new travel frontiers. Whether you are looking to go off on a Safari or swim with great white sharks, this area is well poised to provide travelers with an unforgettable experience. The merging of ethnicities and their cultures has left its mark on the area and the melting pot that has resulted here has made this place a wonderful place to explore.


Staying on the same continent for another amazing location, we’ll now head north to the North African nation of Morocco. From Tangier to the Sahara, there is much to see in this storied country where African, Arab and European cultures merge to form a culture that is uniquely Moroccan. From the islands to the north to Marrakesh there is so much to see here. Ride camels on the beach or stroll the crowded city streets in search of hidden treasures, you never know what you might find here.

Next up, we’ll get even further off the beaten path with the Southeast Asian country of Laos. The resilient citizens of the country have lived through war and atrocities seen seldom elsewhere and as the country continues to recover from its bloody past, it provides travelers with amazing natural scenery, friendly locals and quite the favorable exchange rate. Vientiane is a popular tourist stopover where many westerners enjoy cheap beer and accommodation while exploring the history and delicious gastronomic offerings the big city serves up. Just remember to catch your flight as this country has a way of turning travelers into expatriates who couldn’t dream of leaving the lifestyle here behind and returning home.

Next on the list is a country in which travelers have transverse for thousands of years, where wars were fought and empires came to and from power. Situated between Europe and Asia, the country of Turkey is becoming one of the top new cities to explore for the adventurous tourist. The mixing of cultures, religions and customs has created a fusion that is seen seldom elsewhere. Perhaps the best place to see this fusion in full force is in the capital city of Istanbul. For a more laid back trip to this interesting country, swing by the Turkish Riviera for fun in the sun on soft sandy beaches. The prices here are still relatively inexpensive when compared to other top destinations in Europe, however this is changing as more tourism drives demand upward.


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Another country that has in recent years blown up as a top destination for the backpacker crowd is Peru. Much like Colombia, violence and security issues prevented many travelers from exploring this beautiful country in past decades. However this place is too amazing to ignore for too long and travelers are taking notice in a big way. From the former Colonial stronghold of Lima, Peru’s capital city to the mystical mountaintop ruins of Machu Picchu, there are some amazing sites to see here. The Amazon rainforest, South Pacific coast and Atacama Desert all converge along the borders of this country and Peru continues to grow in popularity as a top South American destination.

All of these off the radar countries are quickly growing as destinations where travelers flock to explore theses new frontiers that offer a travel experience that is not your run of the mill Holiday. These locations will continue to grow as more and more adventure seekers hit the road to see new places and attractions that will create lasting memories in these amazing locations. So if you are ready to hit the road for something different and put your co-workers getaways to shame, snatch your camera and boarding pass and check out these beautifully uncommon countries.

Date posted: 1st December, 2012

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