Lisbon Restaurants

Lisbon restaurants

Have a look at these Lisbon restaurants when you visit Lisbon.

Antiga Confeitaria de Belem
Opened in 1837, this pastry shop speciality are the famous “Pastéis de Belém” made from a well kept secret recipe. This place is always crowded but the service is courteous and fast. Rua de Belém 84-92

Antigo Retiro Quebra Bilhas
This is an excellent sea food restaurant. Campo Grande, 312 00351 759 00 93

Pateo de Alfama
In this restaurant you can listen to live Fado performances, a traditional Portuguese music style, while you enjoy a great meal of the most typical Portuguese flavours. Rua de São João da Praça, 18 – 1100-520 LISBOA +351218822174

Lisbon is a truly cosmopolitan city in every sense of the word. This is never more evident than in the sheer range of high quality restaurants which visitors can enjoy. Whatever type of cuisine you prefer, you will find it in Lisbon.

Location: Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 87D
Telephone: +351 21 280 83 83
Price Range: €20 to €30

For those who enjoy dining in high style, then Bocca should be considered a must visit restaurant. Bocca was opened in 2008 by emerging chef Alexandre Silva. The menu features both Portuguese and international dishes, cooked using local produce. There is also a Gastro Bar attached to the premises.
D’Oliva Lisboa
Location: Rua Barata Salgueiro 37
Telephone: +351 213 528 292

Price Range: €10 to €30 (per main course)

D’Oliva Lisboa is Lisbon’s take on the classical Italian restaurant. Originally located in Porto, the success of the restaurant prompted a move to the capital city. Renowned for its excellent pasta and crisp, fresh salads. A stylish restaurant, very popular with younger, affluent locals. For lovers of Italian food, then D’Oliva Lisboa Offers the very best to be found in the City of Lisbon.

Location: Rua do Teixeira 35, Lisbon
Telephone: +351 21 343 14 05

Price Range: €30 and up

The Olivier serves up what is arguably the best gourmet food in Lisbon. It is certainly not the newest gourmet restaurant in the city, and it is certainly not the trendiest. It is however, the most well established, with a very firm local following. Owned, as the name suggests, by Jamie Oliver, it should come as no surprise that the restaurant is considered one of the major gastronomic attractions of Lisbon.

Pizzeria Casanova
Location: Cais da Pedra Armazem 7 Loja B
Telephone: +351 21 887 75 32

Price Range: €10 to €20

Pizzeria Casanova is located right on the edge of the Targus River. Although this is one of the cheaper Italian restaurants in Lisbon, it should be noted that in this case, price does not mean low quality. Particularly famed for its hot sizzling, authentic Italian pizzas. A relaxed atmosphere, less up market than its contemporaries, making this a great family restaurant.

Pont Final
Location: Cais Ginjal 72, Almada, Setubal
Telephone: +351 21 27 60 743

Price Range: €20 and up

Located on the very outskirts of Lisbon, Pont Final is an amazing place to spend a summer evening, overlooking the Targus River and the vista of the city beyond. Local seafood cooked in a Portuguese style is the order of the day here. Expect plenty of sardines and fresh squid to feature high on the menu. A free ferry is made available to take guests back into Lisbon at 2am every morning. Please note, Pont Final is almost always full, it is recommended to make reservations in advance.

Location: Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 88, Lisbon, Portugal
Telephone: +351 21 381 14 00

Price Range: €30 to €40 (per main course)

Varanda is one of the staples of the Lisbon fine dining scene. Located within the Four Seasons Hotel, with a fantastic view over the local parkland, it is very popular with tourists and the executive crowd. Open all day, for breakfast lunch and dinner, Varanda is an easy choice for anyone seeking great food in relaxed yet refined surroundings. An international menu offers something to suit every taste.

Location: Calcada da Estrela 57A
Telephone: +351 21 395 61 18

Price Range: €10 to €20

When it comes to modern international restaurants in Lisbon, XL is pretty hard to beat. Specialising in a French, Spanish and local Portuguese slant on international cuisine, XL provide a unique eating experience at a fair price. Despite the budget range, XL is popular with local celebrities, sports personalities and other famous people. Particularly noted for its excellent steaks, said to be the best in Portugal.

Mary’s Pizza Shop

Location: 302 N Beaver St
Telephone: +331 424 3559

Price Range: €10 to €15

Mary’s Pizza Shop was opened in 1961, making it the very first pizza restaurant in Lisbon. It has been operated by the same family ever since. Popular at lunch times for not only Pizza but also Panini and salads. Although this is one of Lisbon’s cheaper pizza restaurants, it is also one of its best. For a budget meal, great food and relaxed surroundings it is hard to beat Mary’s Pizza Shop.

Steel Trolley Diner

Location: 140 E Lincoln Way
Telephone: +330 424 3663

Price Range: €10 and below

The Steel Trolley Diner is the best budget eatery in Lisbon, hands down no competition. Excellent food and large portions make this the restaurant of choice for the budget conscious visitor. Mostly burgers and other fast foods are on offer, but all cooked fresh and very tasty indeed. The only slight downside is that due to the popularity of the Steel Trolley Diner, it can take quite some time to be served at the busiest times of day.

Date posted: 30th October, 2018

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