Long Island

Long Island

There are twenty kilometres of walking tracks on the island, including some of the best walking in the Whitsundays.

Long Island is close to Long Island and water taxis link the Long Island resorts to the mainland. Most of the island is a national park.

Long Island is a small southerly member of the Whitsundays, located just off the coast of the mainland. It is virtually uninhabited, and a perfect place for eco-tourism. Nature lovers are bound to be charmed by the beautiful scenery, private little beaches, and fascinating wildlife. Sea kayaking tours are available that lead up estuaries into the mainland, to explore the rain forests of Conway National Park. Bushwalkers can enjoy 13 km. of trails on this island that measures 11 km. long and only 1.5 km. wide.

Long Island Tour

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Paradise Bay Island Eco Escapes

Paradise Bay is a eco-resort that features accommodations in island bungalows located on the beach. Each has its own veranda with plantation teak chairs. The verandas are positioned so that you can enjoy the scenery without being able to see visitors in the next bungalow. Many endangered species can be viewed from Paradise Bay on Long Island. Decor is natural and amenities are rustic.


Peppers Palm Bay Hideaway

Peppers Palm Bay is an exclusive resort on Long Island. It does not have facilities for children. Like Paradise Bay, the rooms do not have televisions in them, so that guests can truly get away from it all.


Long Island Resort

Long Island Resort is family friendly, with Kids Club staff that will keep the young members of the family happy while the adults get away for a while. On the other hand, the whole family can enjoy extra safe snorkeling and ocean exploration.

Date posted: 11th October, 2017

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