Luxembourg travel

Luxembourg travel

Minute and often overlooked Luxembourg at the foot of the Benelux region incorporating the Netherlands and Belgium has exhibited excellent staying power to retain its independence and identity as its its own nation in the face of its larger and more powerful neighbours. Visiting Luxembourg though you will find a trilingual population who are sophisticated and accepting with liberal views. Luxembourg is called home by a larger percentage of foreigners than any other EU country. Glorious rolling hills and and deep valleys make up the landscape of Luxembourg and they twirl simply around fascination historical sites and sandstone formations.

Travel Luxembourg

by Hamza Hydri

Such a small place that capital city Luxembourg town shares the same name. This city however is an important component to the forming and upholding of the European Union. As one of the proud forming member countries and and home to a few European Union institutions Luxembourg deserves its EU status more highly than many.

Due to strict and secretive banking policies Luxembourg is the adoptive home of many banking and corporate company headquarters. Mullerthal north of the capital a hop scotch od crossing footpaths through winding valleys and low lying mountains which earns it its pet name of Little Switzerland.

Luxembourg summers are warm but temperate and winter moths can be cold and wet. Rain is likely at any time of year, this is northern Europe! Cuisine is delightfullyFrench sophistication with filling German tones. Jambond’Ardennes, literally translating as smoked Ardennes ham is one of the countries best known and most loved specialties. A nationwide desert to satisfy a healthy appetite is plum tart served warm alongside strong sweet black European coffee.

Date posted: 11th February, 2019

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