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Maceió is the capital of Alagoas, in north-east Brazil. The city is located between Mundaú Lake and the Atlantic Ocean and has a population of over 900,000. Although originally built on the sugar industry, like much of the area, Maceió now has a thriving tourist industry with great infrastructure and hotels, and is a popular destination for both Brazilians and international travellers. Its vibrant culture is reflected in its arts and crafts, its customs and cuisine.

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It is most notable for its beaches and general coastal beauty, with its palm trees, mangroves and turquoise sea. In fact, Maceió is almost totally surrounded by beaches, and surfing and bodyboarding are very popular and safe with no reefs (or sharks!) to worry about. The best spot for watersports near Maceió is Frances beach.

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by Marinelson Almeida Silva

The climate of Maceió is tropical, meaning hot, dry and humid during most of the year, with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Summer is from December to March, and temperatures then can be very hot. May to September are more mild, but this is when the rain may come.

Tourists should be aware that Maceió is reputed to be one of the most violent cities in Brazil, together with Recife and Vitória, but common sense about where to go and how to behave are always the best defences.

Date posted: 31st July, 2018

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