Make money with local hosting

Make money with local hosting

The world is changing – global travel has become a regular part of our daily lives. 50 years ago, a trip to another continent was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Now, it seems to be a regular occurrence for much of the population. The travel economy has not exactly kept up with it, though.

This offers the individual the opportunity to capitalize, to seize the opportunity to make money offering goods and services for travelers. Not only does it offer the chance to make a like extra cash, it also can help to promote cultural exchange and give both the provider and the traveler the opportunity to interact in a way that sanitized travel tours, accommodations, and dining cannot. So what are some of these possible ways you, as an individual, can market yourself to travelers?

Provide a Dining Experience

Provide a Dining Experience

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All too often, when travelling abroad, tourists may stick to what they know when it comes to eating and drinking. Even when they want to “eat like a local,” they may just stick to the well-travelled tourist areas of town. These areas will offer tastes of your country, but they will be tastes cultivated to fit the taste buds of tourists. True travelers will want to eat outside of their comfort zones, and get genuine flavors of your country and region.

One way you can make money – and teach others about your culture – is to provide dining experiences. Cooking a native meal, and offering to work with dietary constraints such as gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, or dairy-free, can provide you with some extra income and your guests with a taste of your country. Develop a menu and a reasonable price, and work with travelers who are eager to try new things.



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Every culture offers different ways of doing things that can be taught, and that people will pay to learn. From cooking, to music, to dance, and other art forms, it is one thing to be able to buy or watch – but a whole different experience can be had if a traveler is willing to learn.

Look at hobbies or traditions you may have that you would be able to pass on. Instead of offering native art, offer to teach classes in it. Instead of merely performing a musical piece, offer to teach travelers how to play an instrument. Instead of merely feeding them, as mentioned above, teach them how to cook your culture’s food. These types of immersive experiences that allow the traveler to take a skill with them are highly sought after. While they may be more time consuming, you will also find that people will be open to paying more than if they were simply buying a good or service.

Renting Goods

With airlines continually shrinking carry-on and checked-baggage limits, it’s getting harder and harder for travelers to bring along everything they need. On top of that, some things that might be handy just won’t fit – ever try checking a bicycle, or a stroller?

Renting goods

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Offering goods like these for rent, as well as other necessities that might not quite fit into a travelers luggage constraints, can make you a bit of money worry-free. Bike shares have taken off in compact, urban regions, and are an easy way to make money. The one key to making money off of renting goods is to make sure to hold a deposit that can cover most, if not all of the cost of the gear you’re renting in the case that the renter does not return it. Also make certain that, whatever you decide to rent, you can make do without. Don’t even offer to rent something that you need on a daily basis.

Rent Your Car, Motorcycle, or Scooter

Rent Your Car

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Not everyone wants to bike or walk around a city, some would prefer to have motorized transportation. If you’ve got a vehicle that’s just sitting around for a day, or days at a time, consider using that vehicle to make a little extra money.Make sure that it is properly maintained and in good working order, and make sure to set up fair rates. As with renting anything that will be out of your sight, make sure you get a deposit, and make sure that you can afford to lose it and do without it for some time. Also, agree ahead of time on who is responsible for gassing it up – the last thing you want is to spend all of your rental fee, or more, on refilling the petrol tank.

Be a Driver

Be a driver

If you aren’t comfortable handing the keys over for a day or two to someone whose driving skills you’re not entirely sure of, consider acting as their chauffer for a few hours, or even for a day. You can charge for your time along with the cost of your car and gas. This will allow you to act as a guide, and possibly save the traveler time by knowing where you are going, and the ins and outs of your area. On top of the money you’ll make, you can also use the traveling to run any errands you may need to run.


Going traveling with a child can be a great experience for the child, but sometimes mother and father might want a date night, and could use a babysitter. If you have a good reputation, and all of your paperwork is up to date as far as childcare certification for your area, you could make a few extra dollars by providing hourly or even daily care for a child. You could even get yourself the opportunity to work with clients at their place, giving you the chance to make money and maybe get a little time in luxury as well.

Be a Guide

Be a guide

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You can find all sorts of travel guides on the internet, roadmaps to help tourists get around. And of course, there are always crowded tour groups and bus tours, led by bored group leaders and packed full of tourists climbing over each other for picture of a landmark that everyone can find on a postcard.

Unfortunately, most of these tours only go to specific tourist spots. As a local, you likely know much more about the out-of-the-way spots that these tours won’t visit, spots that may be more beautiful or unique than many travelers realize. You also know the ins and outs of the city, the alleys, the places that are safe to walk, the pubs and restaurants that offer great food and drink and great prices. As a guide, you can give travelers the chance to visit these places that they won’t get through corporate tours. You can give them knowledge that only you, as a local, would know.

Rent a Room

Rent a room

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Backpackers and casual travelers who are touring your country by car or camper van might enjoy a warm shower and a comfortable bed for a night. Plenty of free spirits have found that nomadic travelling might not be all it’s cracked up to be – bathing in community showers and sleeping rough can make even the most seasoned traveler long for the comforts of home after a bit.

If you have a bedroom that you aren’t using, and a bathroom with the usual facilities, you may be able to make good money on the side by renting it out as you see fit. You can set a price and calendar that fits your lifestyle, and screen travelers ahead of time to see if your personalities will mesh.

Miscellaneous Services

There are a variety of services that you might be able to provide on a day-to-day basis that can make the life of a traveler so much easier, and make their trip so much more enjoyable. They can also make you some easy money. These services can include:



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Do you know more than one language? Translators can make great money, even if they don’t have perfect knowledge of two or more languages. Charge by the hour, day, or however you see fit. This could run from translating for business, to just helping translate goods and prices in a market.

Running Errands

Running Errands

Particularly on vacations, time is at a premium. No one wants to spend time on vacation doing the small, everyday things like running to pick up take-out food, running dry cleaning, grocery shopping and more. By offering a concierge service for a price, you can help travelers free up more of their travelling time, and you can make a good bit of money.

Laundry Service

Laundry Service

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Can you do laundry? Not all travelers will have access to laundry facilities, and few of them will want to stand around a laundromat on their vacation time. Offer to do laundry in your own washing and drying facilities, and possibly even offer pick-up and drop-off service for a fee. Just make sure the traveler provides you with any instructions on car.

Marketing Yourself and Your Service

The only way you can become art of this informal travel economy is by marketing yourself properly. You need to demonstrate that you can provide something that is worthwhile, that you are reliable and trustworthy, and that you are great value. You also need to show this to a community of travelers.

eGuide Travel provides the opportunity for you to advertise your goods and services to travellers who are actively seeking an experience, good, or service that you can provide. This is not merely putting your name out there – it is exposing it to a group of people who are already actively seeking something that you may offer. So take advantage of the changes in how business can be done throughout the world, and the resources that are available to you – you may find out that, not only can you make a few extra bucks doing something you’ll enjoy, you might also make connections for the future.

Date posted: 28th March, 2015

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