Maldives Tourism

Maldives Tourism

The Maldives are a group of over 1100 islands segregated into 26 different atolls, spanning the equator across the Indian Ocean and located some 500 km South of India and Southwest of Sri Lanka. However, only about 200 islands are inhabited, with 88 developed as exclusive resort islands. All administration is handled from Male island, the capital of the Maldives. Getting to Maldives is easy. Ships come in every other day, while Male International Airport, earlier known as Hulhule airport, receives over a dozen flights a day from many countries across Southeast Asia. Only a passport is required, no visa. The airport is located on another island, some four km from Male island. If you are on any medication, do bring your doctor’s prescription along.

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The climate is tropical and therefore hot and humid. There are two rainy seasons, the advancing southwest monsoons from May to October and the receding northeast monsoons from November to April. The southwest monsoon means incessant rain in June and July. The temperature generally stays over 25°C and the ideal time to visit is, therefore, in the winters, from November to April.

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The principal religion is Islam. Till a hundred and fifty years ago, it was Christianity, with Buddhism and Hinduism coming from Indian sailors settling in the islands. The Islands accepted British suzerainty in exchange for protection in 1887. All remnants of British rule and customs have vanished post independence in 1965. As it is located slap bang in the midst of the cross-Indian Ocean trade route, Maldivian culture shows vestiges imbibed from the Middle East, India, and Africa.

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The 2009 GDP (purchasing power parity) of US$ 1.74 billion, as estimated for 2008, is a fair reflection of the stable economy of the islands. The country has just about recovered from the disastrous tsunami of 2004. It is essentially a tourist nation, which today is a huge plus for the small country of only 200,000 people. About 70,000 of them live in Male city. Malé is an unusual capital city. Small and packed to capacity, this 2 km by 1 km island is the busiest in the Maldives. The main industries are tourism, shipping, fish processing, coconut processing, garments, boat building, rope, woven mats, handicrafts, coral and sand mining. Tourism is worth 20% of the GDP and half a million visitors are expected this year. English is widely spoken in this well-educated nation, where the mother tongue is Dhivehi, and which is not as restrictive on women as other Islamic countries are. Their dress code is reasonably lax, so skirts may be seen. For males, the most common dress is shorts, a light coloured T and slippers, except for office-goers. Most islanders are easy going, friendly and hospitable, as their livelihood depends on it.

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by Mathias Apitz (München)

The interesting bit is that 88 islands are exclusive tourist resorts, with one hotel and all the infrastructure required to go scuba diving, deep sea fishing, coral reef exploring, surfing, sunbathing, etc. Prices vary from US$50 to $400 per day, depending on what amenities you choose. You can also opt for half/full board. Food is excellent and the atmosphere laid back. Alcohol is banned.

The only island with multiple hotels and guest houses, you can live well at $100 a day on Male. Budget travellers can manage on $25-30 a day. Food is no big problem, with meals to suit every pocket and the cuisine international. Inter-island travel is by motor-boat or seaplane, depending on the cash factor. Pay phones and the Internet are freely available. All in all, a holiday in Male is worth your time. Exit tax at $10 per person is levied on departure.

Male is at UTC + 5 hours. The currency is the Maldivian Rufiya (Rf) and the exchange rate is pegged at 1US$=11.8 Rf.

Date posted: 21st July, 2018

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