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Manaus is a Brazilian city situated on the Rio Negro just a few miles short of where it meets the Rio Solimões to form the Amazon River. At this point – the ‘Meeting of the Waters’ – the rivers flow alongside each other for several miles, differentiated by the colour of their waters, and local legend would have you believe that the waters never actually mix. The proximity of Manaus to these rivers makes it a real tourist attraction.

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The city population is 2.5 million and originally grew up on the trading of the European rubber barons. This is reflected in the local architecture, with fascinating Portuguese facades, and especially with the Teatro Amazonas – a copy the Grand Opera de Paris – the Mercado Municipal – a copy of the famous Les Halles market halls of Paris – and the Palacio Rio Negro arts centre.

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by Antoine 49

Manaus is nowadays a trade zone where foreign companies pay no import duties, which keeps the economy thriving. Industries such as electronics, wood and oil have located here, and the harbour is the most important trading centre.

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The tourist will find that the city is a pleasant and friendly place to visit, and certainly a great place for river tours. Apart from this, attractions include the aforementioned Teatro Amazonas, Mercado Municipal, and Rio Negro Palace, plus the Natural Science Museum (Museu de Ciencias Naturais da Amazônia, the Ponta Negra River, the Praia da Lua River Beach, the Paricatuba, the Love Cascade bayou, and the National Park of Jaú, which is one of the largest National Parks in Brazil and in Latin America overall.

Date posted: 3rd August, 2018

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