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Marshall Islands became officially an independent nation in 1979 after decades of being part of US Territories of the Pacific Islands. It is a small country with about 60,000 people. Marshall Islands consist of some remote islands and atolls. The remoteness of these islands doesn’t help issues at all; as tourists are not always excited to take such long trips to the interior parts of the country. However, tours could be organized to explore all these beautiful islands with the local tours operators or hotel owners. The advantage of using the hotel owners is that they charge less.

The atolls are mostly unoccupied by people; but they are good sites for plantations, coconuts, papaya and chestnuts. And the atolls could boast of cute flowers, including hibiscus and Flame of the forest.

Marshall Islands were affected by both World War 1 and 11, during which Japanese invaded the country and set up garrisons there. Though the Japanese were driven away later by the American Forces. The relics of the world wars are still visible as historical objects to see on the Islands , including wrecks, aircraft parts and so on.

There are some historical places and old buildings that vividly explain the story of culture, tradition and architecture of the Marshallese.

Alele Museum is a must-see location: it serves as a reservoir of the unique traditions and complex history of the people of Marshall Islands.

Visitors could participate in the following exciting activities on the beautiful, sandy beaches of Marshall Islands : swimming, diving, snorkeling and scuba diving. Jaluit is a nice location for divers to flock to. Fishing tours are constantly available; it could be arranged through Marshall Billfish Club, or through independent operators.

The most patronized Islands are Ebeye and Majuro, because they offer special opportunities to enjoy natural, undisturbed beaches. And the commonest atolls are Maloelap and Mili, where divers could enjoy themselves jumping off the corals.

The entertainment on Marshall Islands is superb: Visitors would have great time watching the local dances and listening to traditional music that is soulful. The local foods have delicious flavor and Marshallese fashion is eye-popping.

Date posted: 16th November, 2016

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