Mexico City Red Light District

Mexico City Red Light District

Mexico City is the largest city in North America and the capital of Mexico. Prostitution is legal in Mexico but pimping and soliciting on the street is strictly illegal. Mexico City is officially divided into 16 boroughs which are again subdivided into neighborhoods. One such district is Zona Rosa which is known to the tourists as the Reforma district. Unofficially, Zona Rosa is the red light district of Mexico and probably the only area in Mexico that never sleeps. It boasts of a vibrant nightlife and is famous for being the meeting point of the gay community.

Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa

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It is a business and entertainment district of Mexico and is one of the touristiest areas of the city. It is has a good number of hotels, bars, dance clubs, restaurants and live bands. It also boasts of a large number of Korean immigrants and a healthy gay population. Zona Rosa is easily the most favored place to go in Mexico City if you prefer a vibrant nightlife.

Prostitution and all other related activities like massaging and lap dancing have become a huge business in the Zona Rosa district of Mexico. At one point of time, it was a pleasant neighborhood of cafes and restaurants but the area is now best avoided if you are not particularly interested in drugs, prostitution or any other sort of nocturnal entertainment. The area around Plaza Garibaldi is particularly famous as one will come across a number of sex workers in this area. However, the behavior and the attitude of the people in Zona Rosa have undergone a big change over the years. You may not like the environment anymore but you will not be disappointed if you are only looking for cheap, night-time entertainment. The place was considered to be very glamorous and elegant but a general decline started from the 1980s. A number of luxury businesses closed down and in its place came up only those businesses which are specialized in adult entertainment. At present, Zona Rosa is now fully controlled by more than dozens of street guys who promote any kind of sexual activity.

In the last few years, strip clubs and erotic massage parlors have become very popular in this part of the world. The majority of these massage parlors offer full service but there are some which do not. One may find street hookers in the Pino Suarez Metro Stop and Merced Street. However, some locals say that tourists should avoid the Merced street due to safety issues. Whatever kind of service you choose, it is very difficult to predict the rates beforehand but some sources say that it is usually around $60 for 1 hour of service.

As for the hotels, there are many in Mexico City which will allow you to take a partner inside. But it still makes sense to ask the opinion of the reception staff. The bars usually have room upstairs and you can have a good time with your partner here. Bars are very safe the bar owners detest any kind of trouble and make an honest to keep the place and trouble free. Mexico City, in general, is very safe but you need to exercise a little bit of caution in areas like Merced street and Zona Rosa.

Date posted: 1st August, 2015

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