Miami to Key West

Miami to Key West

With the views of tropic palm trees and beautiful beaches in Miami, the everglades further south, and the coral reefs and emerald waters of the Florida Keys island lining this 3 hour drive of 100 miles.

Miami Beach

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The Florida Keys are a chain of island located at Florida’s southernmost tip, with the town of Key West being located on the island of Key West, the last island in the chain; these islands are connected by no less than 42 bridges, and driving over these makes one feel as they are driving on water, literally. As you drive through the Florida Keys on the last leg of your trip, the views of the Atlantic on the left and the Gulf of Mexico directly on the right will take one’s breath away with some of the most spectacular tropical scenery and ocean views in the world.

Miami Beach Florida

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The first leg of this trip will begin on Interstate 95 in Miami and head south to Florida City; here you will want to transfer to Highway 1 for the rest of your trip (although there are many sites in Miami that one must visit if in this area, the city of Miami and its immediate surroundings is a tourist destination unto itself and often requires a separate excursion of a few more days). As you proceed down Highway 1, there are a number of must-see destinations that you should not miss, the first being Biscayne National Park (you must detour nine miles east from Highway 1 on N. Canal Drive (S.W. 378th Street), an aquatic park of ocean mammals, tropical fish, and other marine life, and the second being Everglades National Park, the country’s largest subtropical wilderness known for its spectacular showcase of the Florida everglades (in particular, you may wish to visit its Pa-hay-okee Overlook observation deck, where you can view miles of everglades, grasslands, birds, and other wildlife)

Everglades National Park

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As you drive further south on Highway 1 you will then encounter the first of the Florida Keys islands, Key Largo, the largest one at 30 miles; popular destination stops on this island include Coconuts in the Marina del Mar Resort, famous for its pina coladas, and Jim & Val’s Tugboat Restaurant for seafood and key lime pie. Proceeding along, you will next hit the island of Long Key, famous for its Seven Mile Bridge (one of the world’s longest bridges), as well as Bahia State Park, which contains one of the Keys’ few sandy beaches, a mangrove forest, and rare fauna such as the orange-flowering geiger tree, the yellow Alamanda, and the Jamaican morning glory.

Bahia State Park

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The next major island which you will cross is Big Pine Key, renown for its miniature deer, before finally reaching the destination island of Key West, with its Bahama-inspired architecture, legendary sunsets, and laid back island life. Measuring a mere two by four miles in its entirety, the island nonetheless contains a number of world-famous landmarks that should not be missed, including the home of author Ernest Hemingway (a Spanish-style colonial home which he owned from 1931 to 1961, and in which he penned some of his most famous novels, still preserved in its original style) and the Ernest Hemingway Museum, the John Audubon House, and haunts where Tennessee Williams, Thomas Edison, and Harry Truman sand at You can easily spend an entire day or two here when you also visit other famous landmarks such as Mallory Square, renown for its tropic sunsets and evening sunset watching ritual every night, scuba diving, gofl, and diving at the Key West Golf Club, the Bahama Village neighborhood, which Hemingway often visited, and the renown architectural homes of old town Key West, an architectural and botanical national landmark. Finishing the road trip on this tropical island, one will have traversed through some of the most stunning tropical island and ocean side beauty navigable by car in the world today for a memorable road trip of a lifetime.

Date posted: 16th April, 2016

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