Mongolia tourism

Mongolia tourism

Located in East-Central Asia, Mongolia, home of the legendary Genghis Khan, offers rare access to an ancient culture that has changed very little through the centuries. It is home to one of the only remaining Nomadic cultures on the planet outside of Africa. Mongolia is one of the best-kept travel secrets filled with adventurous destinations for curious travelers.

Mongolia Tours

by Delphinidaesy

A good starting point is Ulan Bator, Mongolia’s capital city on the Tuul River. Ulan Bator is situated in the northern central portion of Mongolia, and is the cultural and financial hub of the country. Most of the major towns and cities are connected to Ulan Bator via the Trans-Siberian Railway and the old Chinese railroad network.

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Popular sites around Ulan Bator include ancient monasteries, temples, historic museums, art houses, and parks. In the very center of the city, Sukhbaatar Square proudly displays a massive statue of Genghis Khan amongst the ornate Culture Palace and several distinctive government buildings. The Choijin Lama Monastery is a century old Buddhist monastery featuring the golden statue of Migjid Janraisig. The Natural History Museum exhibits multitudes of dinosaur fossils and meteoric relics from prehistoric times. The Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts is home to the largest collection of native Mongolian art, including Mongolia’s renowned painting by B. Sharav, “One Day In Mongolia”. The State Public Library exhibits a rare collection of Sanskrit manuscripts that date back to the 11th-century.

Karakorum, home of the immortal Genghis Khan, is another of the country’s major destinations. It served as Mongolia’s administrative seat of power during the 13th century. The city was eventually decimated in the 1500’s and its remnants were used to construct the towering walls that surrounded first Buddhist monastery of Mongolia, Erdene Zuu.

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Outside the cities, unspoiled Asian wilderness and pristine landscapes await. Trek into the wild Gobi Desert to hunt for dinosaur bones and catch a glimpse of rare native animals like Prezwalsky horses, Argali sheep, Snow Leopards, and Bactrian camels. Take a ferry across the Khuvsgul, known as the Dark Blue Pearl, which is Mongolia’s deepest lake. Lake Khuvsgul has become a favored haven for birdwatchers, as it is a major route of migration for native birds. Take a hike around the Gorki Mountains, Turtle Rock, and the Terelj River for unlimited access to Mongolia’s natural beauty and pure ecosystem. Go spelunking into the Dayan Deerhiin cave and see ancient wall paintings.

The ancient Naadam Festival is a national pastime featuring three of Mongolia’s beloved sports; archery, horse racing, and traditional Mongolian wrestling. Taking place in the summer over the course of three days, thrill seekers flock to the events and the winners are honored with Old World titles. The Tsagaan Sar festival marks the lunar New Year and is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Mongolia has an ideal climate and is a perfect Asian getaway no matter what time of year. For a wild, carefree trip or a peaceful sabbatical, Mongolia has it all.

Date posted: 24th July, 2018

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