Montenegro Sun and Snow

Montenegro Sun and Snow

Landing at the airport in Montenegro is like opening a small gift in a tiny box, only to find a diamond ring inside. You feel disappointed by the first impression, but the idea of what is not seen intrigues you. You can sense that there is something more than meets the eye as you look at the rising mountain range encircling you. Driving from the airport toward the coast on the central highway is like slowly unwrapping the paper from the present. You take off the top of the box, exposing the felt lined pouch inside. You pick it up certain that it contains precious stones. Nearing the coastline, exiting the mountains with the smell of salt in the air, you know you are just about to be rewarded with the big surprise. Driving over that final ridge, coming around the corner of the hill, the blue ocean opens in front of you, and the diamond ring that you knew was there all along is sparkling magnificently right before your eyes.

Montenegro Sun and Snow

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Montenegro is a dichotomy of old world architecture and ideals, tossed on its head with the history of recent war, and newly revived by an influx of money in the real estate and tourism industries. It has barely had time to let go of its past and grasp onto its new independence, before now being overrun by predominantly Russian, but also European investors. Known for a long time as a hotspot for casino and beach life, it has more recently become recognized for its ski slopes and mountain wilderness attractions.

There are several notable facets that hold this gemstone of a country together.

Skaddar Lake tours offer a visit to the largest bird sanctuary in Europe. There are a number of monasteries one can visit around the lake. The beauty of the grasslands and swampy wetlands against the rolling hills and jutting mountains in the distance is gorgeous.

Montenegro Snow

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Budva is a beach paradise. The curving coastline washed by the bluest of waves makes a great place to sit and have food or coffee. There is a well planned walking area along the beach where visitors can catch glimpses of the local fishing boats and high-end yachts docked just offshore. Sveti Stefan, a small island at the southern most part of Budva, is an architectural playground. Walking the streets of this tiny, ancient cluster of buildings can rival any place in Europe as far as uniqueness.

Kotor Bay is the southern most fjord in Europe. The waters are often glassed over, providing exquisite reflections of the grey mountains above.  The towns of Tivat, Hercog Novi and Kotor adorn its shores, each one offering personalities and characteristics that set them apart from each other and other cities in Europe. Kotor is a World Heritage Site, and a great place to stay for a few days while you see the area.

Mount Durmitor offers year round attractions. Caving, hiking, fishing and biking are popular summer activities. Breathtaking ski slopes surround Durmitor and neighboring mountains, and offer skiing possibilities as pure as the famed Alps can boast.

These are only a few of the highlights of Montenegro, as there are so many smaller hidden gems to be discovered. If you are considering a trip and need to get the most out of one small area, Montenegro is your answer.

Date posted: 23rd March, 2013

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