Monterrey travel

Monterrey travel

Monterrey is the capital city of Nuevo Leon in the northeastern corner of Mexico. This city began during the pre-Hispanic time period and is rich in cultural heritage. Known throughout Mexico as the “sultan of the north,” Monterrey is an important business center for an industry-rich state. All tourists to Monterrey should visit the world’s second largest plaza and town center, La Macroplaza. Cierra de la Silla, or Saddle Hill, is Monterrey’s mountain peak can be reached by foot for tourists wanting to climb to the top of one of it’s four peaks for a gorgeous view. The Faro del Comercio is an interesting building, shooting a green laser beam each night across Monterrey. The Museum of Modern Art and Fundidora Park are located in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, and make for wonderful day trips in the city.

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The city was ranked as the most secure urban area by all of Latin America and Mexico in 2005 and 2006. Visitors can feel safe traveling in the city, just as they should as they are hiking across the local hillside and through mountain trails. Monterrey also has their own public transit for getting around in the city called the Metrorrey that has a reputable bus line for travel.

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Food in Monterrey has a lot of Jewish influence. For instance, one dish, the cabrito, is a kid goat that has been cooked on embers that is related to the Jewish tradition. Another popular dish in Monterrey is the machacado con huevo made with eggs and dried shredded beef served with a tortilla.

Sports such as football, baseball, champ car racing and extreme sports are well-known and enjoyed by many in Monterrey. Visitors should try and visit an arena when in Monterrey to experience the social aspect alongside the townsfolk.

Date posted: 26th July, 2018

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