Most Beautiful Cities in the world

Most Beautiful Cities in the world

How do explain what makes a city beautiful? Does it comes to the architecture, the history, the way the city itself has been put together? Or is it something more intangible- the atmosphere, the welcoming locals, that sense of finding somewhere you belong- a home away from home? We’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful cities in the world, so you can judge exactly where you need to head for your next weekend break.


Travel Istanbul

Regularly selected as one of the best cities to visit by tourists the world over, Istanbul is an interesting mix of cultures- straddling the border between Asia and Europe, Istanbul represents an eclectic mix of both continents. You’ll also find a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new, with breath-taking ancient architecture coming up against very modern restaurants, bars, and clubs. An incredible stop-off for shopping, check out both the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar- a brilliant mix of food, clothes, spices, and keepsakes from all over Turkey. If you’re more interested in the history, Turkey is home to scores of beautiful mosques and other religious monuments- and if you want to try something truly different, the Miniature Garden, with all it’s tiny attractions, is a day trip you won’t forget.

New Orleans

New Orleans

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After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans rebuilt itself as a bigger, better, and even more cultured stop-off for tourists the world over. It’s an interestingly varied mix of old-school occult sites, music, food, and culture-set in a picturesque bend in the Mississippi river, this is the city to come to if you want to party all through the night or spend a thoughtful trip indulging in good Creole food and getting your teeth into some of the best jazz the country has to offer. With an old-school rustic charm that relies on the atmosphere and character in the older sides of town, skip New York and head straight down to New Orleans for a taste of real old-fashioned Americana.


London Travel

Yep, there was no way you were getting through this list with London coming up at least once. The social and political hub of the country, London has come to be defined by it’s blend of high-achieving industry and lackadaisical culture, reflected in it’s imposingly beautiful office buildings and old-fashioned museum decoration. Attracting residents from all over the world, it’s a place where literally anyone can feel at home- food stalls sell international cuisine from all over the world, while internationally-renowned museums and art galleries offer distraction for the culture vulture within us all. Topped off with a mix of tiny, secluded parks and historical monuments, London has long been the must-visit place for anyone stopping by the United Kingdom.


Koyoto Travel

Located in the centre of the island of Honshu, Kyoto is an ideal visit for anyone looking for a perfect mesh of cutting-edge culture and old-fashioned charm.  It’s got a bustling feel without the hectic pedal-to-the-metal nature of Tokyo, and remains home to a bunch of beautiful shrines and temples that make for a fascinating break from city life. Renowned for it’s cherry blossoms, Kyoto is also home to the old imperial palace, as well as any number of traditional rock gardens and hot springs that can be found just outside the city. If you’re more interested in the modern side of Kyoto, there are food markets across the city that just dare you to stick your head in and give things a go- not to mention the bunch of internationally respected restaurants the city is home to, because you’re way too nearby not to try some Kobe beef.


Hanoi Travel

We’re staying in Asia for the time being, with a look at Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi. Bustling with a distinctly Vietnamese energy, book a taxi or tuk-tuk (bicycle-drawn carriage) and explore the winding streets and cultural artefacts the city has on offer. Scores of luxury hotels across the city mean that even the most discerning traveller can find a place to hang their hat, and a blend of unmissable street food and regimented restaurant cooking make this an ideal stop-off for international foodies. Take a look around the gorgeously preserved old quarter of the city, and give yourself an afternoon to get round at least some of the six hundred temples to city has on offer. Balmy weather and a handful of well-considered and moving museums depicting the local history turn Hanoi into the place to visit for families, partners, and solo travellers alike.


Travel Nice

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When people think about beautiful cities in France, their minds tend to jump straight to Paris, but it’s not the most stunning place in the country. That honour goes to Nice, a city on the edge of the unbelievably picturesque French Rivera and one of the most popular tourist destinations in France. Nice is one of the best preserved Old Towns in the whole country, offering ample opportunity to explore the old-fashioned, winding streets and duck into a few sweet French cafes on your travels. Take a boat ride along the beautiful blue waters of the Rivera, then a stroll up the promenade for a ice-cream or two. Attracting visitors from all over the world, Nice feels like an old-fashioned resort town without any of the tackiness, and brings a wonderful sense of Frenchness to it’s gorgeous beaches and long summer days.


Edinburgh Travel

The Scottish capital has so much more to offer than just tartan and haggis. In fact, this pantheon of British culture- often landing near the top of most-beautiful cities lists- is one of the most photogenic places in the whole country. Tiny, winding backstreets lead to open courtyards and centuries-old living quarters, while bigger walkways like The Royal Mile and Haymarket offer a bustling view of the unashamedly retro pubs, clubs, and museums that make the city what it is. And speaking of museums, Edinburgh is home to a handful of the most visually striking museums and art galleries you’ll find anywhere in the world with towering architecture, luxurious interiors, and the kind of entrances you’ll want to stand in all day to people-watch. One of the UK’s most popular destinations, it’s clear to see why Edinburgh has gained a reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Travel Pragague

Prague, the capital of the Czech republic and the historical capital of Bohemia, offers some of the most eclectic architecture and visually arresting sights you’ll find anywhere in Europe. Firstly, there’s the Old Town, a festival of old-fashioned, gothic buildings and squares- everything from the imposing Powder Tower to the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn make up this atmospheric part of the city. The New Town is home to an eclectic mix of modern and renaissance architecture, with post-modern museums and theatres populating it’s bustling core. It’s art noveau influences are clear all over the city, with the quirky Dancing House built to look as if it’s half-melting and the stunning Franz Kafka monument near the Spanish synagogue. An engaging mix of old and new, the city needs to be properly explored to really understand the range of influences, styles, and artists on show in the construction of nearly every building in the city.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Travel Rio de Janeiro

Who knows exactly what it is that brings millions of tourists flocking to this stunning coastal city year in, year out- maybe it’s the incredible blue waters on matter of steps from the city, or maybe it’s the incredible statue of Christ that overlooks the bustling metropolitan hub. And maybe it’s that beguiling mix of natural beauty and urban beauty combined-the Parque Nacional de Tujica sits close to the city, providing a fascinating look into the local wildlife and flora, while the centre of the town bubbles over with entertainment- and not just when Carnivale is scheduled. Grand, older buildings like the Teatro Municipal contrast against art-deco creations like Cidade de Artes in a wildly diverse city that will fell like home no matter what you’re used to. As Brazil’s crowning glory, Rio de Janeiro has a lot to live up to- and it impresses on every level.


Venice Travel

Yes, it might seem like an obvious choice, but really, what else did you expect at the top of this list? Everything you might have seen in pictures doesn’t do it justice, as one of the things that makes Venice so instantly memorable is it’s atmosphere. Fizzing with energy at every turn, the temperate weather works only to make the iconic waterways and canals look even more beautiful, glinting an almost impossible blue in the summer sun. With classical buildings opening straight out on to the water, and hours of wandering around tiny corridors and backstreets, the city has lots to offer fans of architecture too. Grand churches and cathedrals overlook the gondolas and taxi boats floating by, while marketplaces and squares are a hubbub of noise, gothic buildings, and excitement. If you’re looking to travel to the most beautiful city in the world, then you can’t go wrong by coming to the indescribably perfect Italian city of Venice.

Date posted: 20th March, 2015

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