Queen Elizabeth Park

Most Romantic Locations in Vancouver

Vancouver is a bustling city day and night. There are a few prime spots in this fun-filled city that you can enjoy a slower pace and a little bit of romance with that special someone.

Queen Elizabeth Park is located at Cambie Street and west 33rd avenue. This is the highest point in Vancouver and features a viewing point that gives you a fantastic panoramic view of the city. Take a walk in the gorgeous garden, watch couples as they exit the celebration pavilion after their wedding, see some tropical birds in the conservatory or pose for a picture in front of the giant fountain. There is a restaurant at the high point of this park and it offers a perfect setting for a romantic meal with a great view of the park.

Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver

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Van Dusen Gardens is near Queen Elizabeth Park. While you do have to pay an admission price to enter this park, it is well worth it. This meticulously maintained green space has trails that wind through the beautiful flowers and trees. There are different seasonal plants to see during every month of the year. In the winter, Van Dusen comes alive with a glorious light show featuring a massive display of intricate Christmas lights.

Van Dusen Gardens Vancouver

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The Revolving Restaurant is right downtown and looks a bit like the Space Needle in Seattle (for those who are familiar). It rotates very slowly so you can get a panoramic view of the entire city from way up high while you enjoy a very exquisite meal. The ambiance in this restaurant is elegant and perfect for couples.

If you visit Vancouver during the summer, one of the many beautiful beaches is a prime spot for a romantic date. English Bay is particularly perfect for a stroll with your loved one. English Bay is near many waterfront eateries and offers a great view of the vast ocean. Spanish Banks is another great option, which is near English Bay and its many great amenities. Be sure to bring plenty of change for parking as free parking is scare in this area.

English Bay Vancouver

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Stanley Park is another free venue that has beautiful scenery, including an ocean filled with sailboats, kayakers and a glisten of the sunshine. You will find many couples in Stanley Park having their wedding photographs done because of the spectacular views. Take a walk along one of the many paths that winds in between tall oak trees and end up at the Vancouver Aquarium. The aquarium is a fun day trip for those who love marine animals.

If you are taking your loved one on a trip to Vancouver, what better place to propose marriage? There are so many scenic viewpoints that overlook water, and there are many free areas that provide an ideal opportunity to impress your loved one with some spectacular sites. Vancouver is surrounding by ocean, full of lush landscape and has many unique gardens that offer the perfect day of free activities for the vacationing couple.

Date posted: 17th April, 2014

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