Nations Park

Nations Park (Parque das Naçoes in Portuguese) is a large open area which has been constructed upon the banks of the Targus River. A stunning area of natural beauty with plenty to offer visitors besides the open air. The Lisbon Oceanarium, Knowledge Pavilion and the small area of bars and restaurants make Nation’s Park a single attraction which can offer something to the whole family.

Lisbon Oceanarium

by Kent Wang

Originally constructed as the site for the 1998 Lisbon Expo, Nations Park has been re-worked into a major Lisbon attraction. The park is popular with both tourists and local Lisbon people, and is one of the main meeting points in the city during the summer months.

Within the grounds of Nation’s Park can be found a variety of additional attractions, and these include: The Virtual Reality Pavilion, the Knowledge Pavilion, Lisbon Oceanarium, the Macau Pavilion and the Atlantic Pavilion. These attractions are used for a wide range of events, from educational visits for school children to open air concerts presenting major international artists.

If you are visiting Lisbon for just a few days, then nation’s Park has to be considered a must see attraction. Allow plenty of time when visiting; it can take many hours to explore the park and its pavilions entirely.

Highlights of Nations Park

The really are so many wonderful things about Nations Park, that choosing highlights is a tough job. However, there are three aspects of the park which stand out.

First is the Nation’s Park Knowledge Pavilion; this modern museum presents science and technology displays aimed squarely at younger children. Many exhibits are full interactive; this is a great place to bring children any time of the year.

Secondly we have the Nation’s Park Oceanarium (Oceanário de Lisboa); this is the largest to be found in Europe. Built across two floors, this sea aquarium houses more than 25,000 species of aquatic wildlife.

Finally, the Torre de Vasco da Gama offers one of the best panoramic views of the City of Lisbon, a place to unwind and enjoy the view after visiting the Knowledge Pavilion and Oceanarium.

Nations Park for Families
Nations Park is possibly the top free tourist attraction in Lisbon for families. A huge open space for the young ones to explore. On top of this, the oceanarium and virtual reality pavilion are also perfect for children. If you are a family visiting Lisbon, then Nations Park should be high on your list of must do things.

Nations Park Opening Times
Nations Park is open daily from 10am until 8pm in the summer months from May until September. In the winter months from October to February it is open daily from 10am until 6pm. Please note, the park facilities often close at different times, check locally when you arrive at the park to be sure.

Getting to Nations Park
Nations Park is located at:
Av. D. João II – 1900-014
The closest metro station is Oriente.
Busses numbered 5,25,28,44,708,750,759,782 and794 stop close by.

Date posted: 5th November, 2018

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