New Best Travel destinations you must consider this year

New Best Travel destinations you must consider this year

Regular travelers are discovering new fascinating travel destinations all across the world, and these are places that offer unique and extraordinary experiences that can never be forgotten. Some of the new Best Travel destinations in Europe are;

Kas, Turkey

Tavel Kas Turkey

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The southern region of Turkey offers some of the most breathtaking views in Eastern Europe. It provides some Mediterranean feel, and with nearby towns such as Kalkan (known as one of the best party towns especially for Brits in Eastern Europe), the old fishing town of Kas will definitely make you want to come back. Kas is known as the diverse paradise for tourists in Turkey, and there are numerous jazz-playing water-front regions. Visitors to Kas can also visit nearby important towns such as; Xanthos, and Patara.

Caceres, Spain

Caceres, Spain

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Caceres is fast becoming one of the best towns to visit in Spain. Caceres is a city where Art, history and gastronomy meet. It is an ancient city and one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Caceres combines the Roman feel with some Gothic and Moorish architecture. Caceres also has some of the best wine cellars in Europe. In 2015. Caceres officially became the Gastronomic capital of Spain, with lots of Tapas joints. You can visit the new Arts center that showcase some contemporary works of arts donated by Helga de Alvear- a renowned Madrid arts dealer.

Ile de France

Travel Ile de France

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Ile de France is fast becoming a top tourist destination in France. This little city provides something more unique than the Eiffel tower in Paris. The little city offers you the new Gagosian Le Bourget gallery- about 18,000 foot art gallery and it is located some 7 miles north off Montmartre. Ile de France also offers you a 1960s styled indoor swimming hall inside an artistic Hotel known as “The Molitor”. The 2,500 sitter Philharmonie de Paris is just few miles away from this fascinating city.

Canton Valais, Switzerland

Canton Valais
Canton Valais is the number one destination for skiing in Switzerland and it is one of the new Best Travel destinations in Europe. The little city has lots of open-air theatrical performances once a year, with lots of eco-friendly refurbished rustic guest houses that make feel like you are in a natural environment. A new hotel – Cube 365 has been opened in Can Valais, and it remains one of the best single bed hotels you can find in Europe right now. The wine museum in Salgesch will also provide great adventure for wine lovers.

Alentenjo, Portugal

Travel Alentenjo, Portugal

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If you are tired of bigger cities like Bordeaux, and Tuscany, then you should consider visiting Alentenjo city in the South Western region of PortugalThis is one of the Best Travel destinations in Europe because of its alluring natural splendour. The new Torre de Palma hotel in Alentenjo provides visitors with some big and fascinating expanse of olive groves, vineyards, and grain field’s .There are varieties of wine-themed hotels located in Alentenjo, and these hotels showcase the beauty of the red wine district.

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Date posted: 1st June, 2015

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