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New Travel destinations you must visit this year

New Travel destinations with new surprises and breathtaking features are springing up all around the world in the past few years;


Cuba Travel

The United States of America has just restored its relationship with the nation of Cuba, and this has opened up lots of opportunities for tourists all across the globe, most especially western countries. Havana- the capital city of Cuba is just one of the top tourist destinations that showcase the rustic old school charm of the country. The non-state tourism is also undergoing tremendous development with new hotels, and tourist attractions springing up. Havana is Cuba’s thriving cultural hub with great entertaining festivals. New bars and hotels such as R&B Casa Alta which costs less than $25 a night has also opened, making Cuba one of the cheapest New Travel destinations to consider this year. The 12-day annual cycling tour of Cuba is another cross-country adventure you should consider when holidaying in this wonderful country.


Travel Nicaragua

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Nicaragua has remained one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It remains the largest Central American country; therefore there are wide varieties of destinations to consider when visiting the country. It is also referred to as the land of rainforest, with active volcanoes, lakes, beaches and un-spoilt colonial cities. The incredible wildlife of Nicaragua is something to lookout for as a tourist; likewise the famous San Juan River that connects Nicaragua with Costa Rica also provides great water adventures. You must visit the Ometepe Island, and Solentiname Island, because of the alluring and fascinating landmarks. Nicaragua is one of the best and cheapest Central American countries to consider if you want a low budget vacation trip.

Madhya Pradesh, India

Temple at Khajuraho

If you haven’t visited India, then your vacation story is not complete. Madhya Pradesh’ popularity has continued to soar considering its fascinating Jungle nature. The Central state of Madhya Pradesh provides the best wild life walks, as well as fascinating safaris that will keep you busy all day. You will have the opportunity to stay close to nature in a Village-owned accommodation where a Tiger reserve is located nearby. Madhya Pradesh vacation packages are very cheap.

The Tatra Mountains of Slovakia

The Tatra Mountains of Slovakia

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If you love mountain climbing and other related adventures, then you should consider the fascinating and warm Tatra Mountains located in one of the quiet countries in Europe. The number of Skiers and snowboarders flocking to the Tatra mountains in the past few years are increasing , simply because travel packages to the mountains are very affordable compared to other skiing destinations in Europe. Costs of accommodation, entertainment, flights, wining and dining are quite cheap in Slovakia; therefore you don’t want to miss out of such opportunities.

Pilsen, Czech Republic

Pilsen river

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Czech Republic is another relatively quiet European getaway destination to consider this season. Pilsen is a city known for the best and finest European beers, and it have also been regarded as one of the best emerging cultural capitals of Europe. Pilsen is one of the best New Travel places for budget conscious travellers.

Date posted: 26th May, 2015

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