Newstead House

Newstead House

Newstead House is the oldest residence in Brisbane that is still standing today. Located approximately 15 minutes from Brisbane’s Central Business District, the Newstead House was built by the first architect in Brisbane known as Andrew Petrie. Patrick Leslie obtained the home in 1846 as the first person to settle and buy land in this area. Today the Newstead House operates as a museum displaying the heritage and memories of World War II. Upstairs Newstead House is furnished in the Victorian period.

Newstead House Brisbane

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The house has changed throughout the years and today offers a sprawling homestead that is situated among parklands along the banks of the Brisbane River. The serene and park like setting offers a prime location for weddings and ceremonies.
Functions may take place on the grounds only on pre-selected Fridays and Saturdays from morning until night and certain Sundays from 9 am to noon. Wedding functions are conducted by the Board of Trustees for the Newstead House.

Throughout the year, the grounds at the Newstead House host outdoor concerts and musical serenades. Seating is available but limited and guests are encouraged to bring folding chairs if desired. From March through November the venue offers Devonshire Teas held each Sunday afternoon. Tea is served on the verandahs that overlook the river and Breakfast Creek.

Newstead House, Corner Breakfast Creek Road and Newstead Avenue
Newstead QLD 4006

Date posted: 25th November, 2017

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