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Norway’s Atlantic Road/Trollstigen Roads

Winner of the “Engineering Feat of the Century” in 2005, the road crosses numerous picturesque islands over a total of eight bridges, many of which are architectural marvels themselves, especially the Storseisundbrua bridge, and often places the driver just feet away from the ocean.

Due to the often dramatic waters in wintertime, this is one of the few road trips that some people actually prefer to take in the winter months due to the more dramatic ocean views (see below).

Atlantic Road Norway

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Beginning in the town of Kristiansund, the route embarks along Rv64 (the Norwegian national road) with sharp turns and scenes of rugged nature along the way, and eventually takes you to the farthest point where the land ends and the ocean begins. Along the way you may wish to visit the town of Molde, also called the town of roses due to the fact that its unusually mild climate makes it the only town in the country that is conducive to growing roses, and its Varden viewpoint, where one can witness firsthand the dramatic and amazing view of the mountain tops, towns, and, of course, prolific rose gardens.

Atlantic Road Highway Norway

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Journeying past this town, the road between the next towns of Vevang and Averøy takes you over 12 bridges and embankments from islet to islet out to the infamous point where the land ends and the ocean begins. In particular, the stretch of road known as the Hustadvika, an infamous stretch of ocean, is an unforgettable visual experience of these waters in any weather; a storm during the winter months, however, will showcase nature’s wrath and these waters at their most dramatic. Whale and seal sightings off-shore along this route are common as well. As you drive towards the fishing village of Bud, the destination city of this road trip, you may wish to contemplate this spectacular blend of nature’s best combined with amazing feats of engineering.

Often tied for most popular road trip in Norway, the Trollstigen Mountain road trip along Rv63 (the Norwegian national road 63) from Andalsnes to Valldal in the mountains of this country competes with the Atlantic road for most stunning scenery and beauty. Located in the middle of Romsdal, this dramatic road will offer stunning scenes of majestic mountains, fjords, and waterfalls as its traverses eleven hairpin roads and a steep winding road; one of the most famous sites along this road is the Geirangerfjord fjord (see below), known for its sheer majestic beauty and wonder (see below).

The geirangerfjord itself is often a trip which can take one or more days, especially if one takes advantages of the complete hiking and sightseeing tours, the Seven Sisters waterfall, the surrounding mountain views, and completely traverses the entire fjord. Other notable sites along this route include the Andalsnes swimming pool (really a swimming oasis in a fjord), Trollwall, and Stigfossen Waterfall. Ending in Valldal, also known as the strawberry capital of Norway, you may wish to catch your breath again as you once again begin to drive across more level roads and terrain, and contemplate the amazing natural wonders that this Nordic country has to offer.

(Note that the Trolligsten Road is closed from November to May each year.)

Date posted: 8th April, 2016

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