Oceanview Mine, USA

Oceanview Mine

Chief Mountain

Pala, California San Diego County, U.S.A.

Located approximately 50 miles north of San Diego, in Pala California, this is a working gemstone mine not to be missed. The mine is open to the public 13:30 – 3 PM on Sundays and on some Thursdays. Reservations are required.  You can expect to pan for California premium gemstones, including Pink Tourmaline. The Oceanview Mine is an active Tourmaline mine, and one of the world’s most famous and richest in deposits of pink tourmaline. This mine is a destination for museum curators worldwide who travel here to the mine to pan and find tourmaline for their own gemstone collections. The Oceanview Mine was also featured on the well known Travel Channel.

Oceanview Mine, California, USA

image from the Wikimedia Commons

The mining operations are closed most Sundays and many Thursdays to give visitors the opportunity to visit this mine and search for their very own gemstones. Many varieties of gemstones can be discovered here at the Oceanview  Mine, including pink, green and watermelon tourmaline. This mine produces more than just tourmaline stones. You can also find crystals, garnets, kunzite, Smokey quartz, feldspar, morganite, lepidolite, muscovite mica, aquamarine and many more gemstones.

A large pile of new “Tailings” are dug and dropped from the mine every day it is open to visitors for them to mine. You will be given the necessary equipment and space to successfully sift and screen the tailings for gemstones. First thing in the morning, at 10:30 you will be given an instructional class where you will learn all you need to know to find your gems in the tailings. Anything you find in your diggings is yours to keep. Around lunchtime you are given an opportunity to take a tour of the mine itself. The tour lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, which depends on where the current digging is going on. One of the interesting things you will see on your tour, will be the sparkling gems in pegmatite dikes, formed when a mix of minerals shot up through the cracks in the rock as magma.

Once you have made reservations to visit the Oceanview Mine, a detailed map to the mine will be provided for you. Things that you should bring with you include food and water, good footwear for the mine tour, and appropriate clothes and jackets for the weather.

Date posted: 15th April, 2013

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