Grab your stein and get to Germany, it’s Octoberfest! If you crave a large brew and ladies in costume wear, head to Munich, Germany. The celebrations last between the end of September to early October, so always check dates for when the official party starts. The entire city is alive and overindulgent in the spirit of Octoberfest. Overcrowded as it may be, this annual beer festival may scare off the meek, but don’t underestimate a city that  celebrates their stout and their lagers with pride and passion. The tradition is typically hosted by six main German breweries: Paulaner, Hofbrau, Augustiner, Lowenbrau, Hacker-Pschorr, and Spaten. Any beer served at the festival is known as an Octoberfestbiers, and should merit your respect.


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In recent years the celebration has reached capacity, totaling over 6 million visitors annually. This binge fest will be booked up months in advance, so make sure your accommodation is settled and secure. The carnival is in town, and you are just one of the jokers. The entire scene is an outdoor costume party with a ferris wheel to boot! From high-tech roller coasters to sideshow freaks, the crowds pack in to celebrate the largest toasting of all time. Remember a few keys rules to get through the calamity with as little trouble as possible. Cash is key at this event, and an ATM may be hard to locate or conveniently out of funds. Stock your wallet beforehand to avoid waiting in long lines then the disappointment when you try and hand them your debit card. To beat the crowds, but partake in the fun, avoid the weekend hustle and arrive on a weekday afternoon. For the budget-minded look out for any sign that posts “Mittagswiesn” for discounts on rides and restaurants.

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An Octoberfest celebration would not be complete without a trip to the Hofbrauhaus. The world famous drinking hall with mural ceilings will be the epicenter of the festivity, with beer girls in pigtails and glass mugs called “A Mass”.A local’s cheer is done by eye contact and a loud Prost! Hold up that liter of beer and give one big and proud.The club districts in Munich rarely see a dull night, hit up Leopoldstrass for a budget beer night or if you’re dressed to impress hop around the clubs along the Haidhousen and Ostbrahnhof areas. If your Octoberfest hangover isn’t bringing you down, head to one of the early Marienplatz Glockenspiel performances before noon. The famous German landmark was built in the 1600’s to commemorate the Thirty Years War, now the site is a popular gathering spot for locals to dine on schnitzel and an early afternoon beer. The main crowd gathers in the Marienplatz for the noon show, and you’ll be in perfect walking distance to explore the city.  Don’t be afraid to walk into a small butcher shop to taste the delicacies, many locally run meat shops also grill up bratwurst and sausages for take away deliciousness.  To learn more about the history of Octoberfest visit the Munchner Stadmuseum, the cultural landmark will educate visitors on the history of Bavaria to modern day Munich. But let’s be honest, just put on your lederhosen and get to drinking, you’re here to party!

Date posted: 7th July, 2015

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