Off Peak Travel

Off Peak Travel

Travelling during ‘off peak’ periods is often the best way to avoid blowing your budget, while not necessarily limiting you to a particular time of year or season. Depending on where you plan to go, the off peak season may coincide with winter, such as Mediterranean resort towns, or be during the summer time, such as mountainous or alpine regions.

Visiting ski fields in the summertime can be brilliant. Resorts can offer access to hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and general outdoor awesomeness, with accommodation and extras all at a fraction of the usual cost.

Off Peak Travel

By deliberately targeting a destination during a quiet period, you’ll give yourself the chance to score bargains not only on accommodation but also, meals, tours, transfers and pretty much any other business that relies on the tourist dollar. Aside to this, great bargains can be had when visiting local markets and bartering for gifts and souvenirs.

Note: It’s best not to push too hard when negotiating, remembering that the vendors need to make a living, however good spirited negotiation can be a satisfying experience for both parties.

Off Peak Travel

The other obvious benefit of travelling off peak, is avoiding the hordes of camera toting, khaki wearing tourist that flock to popular holiday destinations, like the proverbial Seagull onto a hot chip! This makes for a much more peaceful experience, albeit lacking a little bit of the buzz factor and a few activities.

If you have the time, be sure to chat with your travel agent and look for package deals online, during off peak season complete holidays can often be pre-booked for a bargain price.

Saving money on off peak packages means that your options are widened when it comes to choosing a destination. Why not try venturing further afield, somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but lacked the funds, this could be a completely new country or even a continent!

Date posted: 10th June, 2015

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