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Oxford is the oldest city in England, as well as having the oldest university. It’s the city of `dreaming spires’ where the picturesque collection of historic churches and colleges dominate the Oxford skyline.

Oxford attractions include the famous Bodleian Library, the Radcliffe Camera, and the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, which is 800 years old. The oldest colleges, including Balliol, Merton and University Colleges, also date from the 13th century, and have the architecture to match. Magdalene and Christ Church colleges are also open to the public and may be easier to access. Your Oxford tour should definitely include at least some of these gems.

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But the presence of gothic and historic buildings doesn’t make Oxford a fusty, academic place – it’s also a hotbed of cutting edge research, dynamic thinking and culture, and of course nightlife.

Generations of scholars frequented Oxford hostelries and today’s students can definitely party along with the best of their predecessors. There are newer nightspots, but some of the best have been around for a long time. The Eagle and Child was a favourite watering hole of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien.

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When you fancy some relaxation from all that culture and carousing, try punting on the river or browsing in the bookshops.

Oxford is a gem of a city, and you’ll have a fantastic time dreaming amongst the spires.

Oxford is a town to enjoy, viewing the Colleges, punt on the river and marvel at the Oxford architecture. Oxford has long been a symbol of England’s elite academic society. Located about 50 miles west of London in the Thames Valley, Oxford makes for an ideal day visit from London or can be used as a base for exploring some of the nearby villages of Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.

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Oxford is home to the prestigious Oxford University, England’s equivalent of Ivy League. The university is actually made up of 36 colleges, many of which were founded between the 13th and 16 th centuries.

A few of the more well-known colleges are All Souls College, Christ Church College, Corpus Christi College, Lincoln College, Magdalen College, Merton College, New College, Queen’s College, St. John’s College, and Trinity College. Each of these colleges are architectural wonders and retain many of their original features. Several of them are surrounded by lush, manicured gardens.


Oxford has a rich literary heritage and is a bibliophile’s paradise. Aside from the numerous bookshops that can be found along the high street, the Bodleian Library is a must-see. Founded in 1320, the Bodleian is one Europe’s oldest libraries and one of Oxford’s most treasured historic sites. The Divinity School is also housed within the library. Its intricately carved vaulted ceiling, depicting biblical scenes and a myriad of strange mythical beasts, will leave visitors spellbound.

Oxford is home to a number of impressive museums and galleries. For a true sense of the city’s and the university’s history, visitors should check out the Museum of Oxford. The Ashmolean Museum is Britain’s oldest public museum and one of the best museums outside of London. The Ashmolean boasts a stunning collection of art and artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome and a variety of paintings by renowned artists like Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Picasso. Admission is free.

Oxford isn’t all work and no play. As one might expect with most university towns, Oxford has a thriving nightlife. There are a number of pubs and restaurants within the city, as well as cinemas, theatres, nightclubs and Oxford hotels.

Date posted: 8th October, 2018

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