Palacio da Ajuda

Palacio da Ajuda

The Palacio da Ajuda is a fascinating place, which gives visitors a real taste of how the Portuguese aristocratic class must have lived during the 19th century. An incredible building, cram packed with treasures and artwork.

The Palacio da Ajuda has a very rich and varied history. It has been preserved almost intact and allows visitors to get a feel of life for the Portuguese Monarchy at the height of Portugal’s economic and political power in the 19th century. The richly decorated interior stands as one of the best museums which portray Portuguese decorative art in the entire country. All encapsulated in what appears to be a functioning royal abode. This is definitely an attracting which should be high on the list for visitors with and interest in Portuguese culture and history.

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by Maria Eklind

Almost every influential Portuguese artist form the period is represented within the palace, across every imaginable medium. Sculpture, fine furnishings, paintings and mosaics vie for the visitor’s attention. A true feast for those who appreciate art.

It is tempting to classify the displays as exhibits. However, this does not do them justice. The entire building has been maintained in the original style, with artworks located in every hall, chamber and room, as they would have been during the time it was occupied as the residence of Portuguese Royalty.

The actual building was commissioned in 1794. However, it was not completed for many years, as construction work on the palace was halted for the duration of the French Invasion instigated by Napoleon. The construction was further staled by a lack of funding, and several key design changes which almost lead to the entire project being scrapped. However, the palace was finally completed and became

Highlights of the Palacio da Ajuda

The entire palace could be described as one single highlight. However, there are two areas of the building that stand out.

In the music room can be found an amazing collection of Chinese porcelain. The collection sets off the stunning crystal chandeliers and sweeping frescos which decorate the walls. Do not miss the music room if you visit the place, it is truly sensational.

On display for most of the year is the largest surviving example of a Portuguese porcelain dinner service. The entire collection is entirely intact, and is removed from public view during the busiest times to prevent damages.

The Palacio da Ajuda for Families
There is much of interest to older children within the palace, simply because it is so recognizable as a royal residence. Unlike many other museums, there is a real feel of antiquity and it is easy to imagine how living in the palace must have felt.

Palacio da Ajuda Opening Times
The Palacio da Ajuda is open from 10am until 5:30pm every day of the week except Wednesdays and public holidays.

Getting to the Palacio da Ajuda
The Palacio da Ajuda is located in the Ajuda District.
Tram 18 is the easiest way to travel to the palace.

Date posted: 2nd November, 2018

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